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The Complete Guide to Creating Futuristic 3D Characters

3D Character Artist, Matthieu Martin

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3DCharacterArtist,MatthieuMartin Details


Class Intro
3D Character Artist, Matthieu Martin

"The key to creating futuristic elements
is adding realistic touches of detail"

Want to learn an easier way to create
unique futuristic characters?

Follow the path to building a surreal universe
while learning different methods of implementing
skin textures, cyberpunk clothing design, animations,
and more.


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Length: 22 videos
(Duration 6h 45m)
Difficulty: Intermediate
Unlimited views

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Subtitles: English

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Software Required

Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe After Effects

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Character poses
Skin textures
Hair textures
Garment textures

Expert 3D Character Artist
Matthieu Martin's Profile & Portfolio


Matthieu Martin
3D Character Artist

Hi everyone, my name is Matthieu Martin
and I am a Paris-based 3D artist.

I often work on creating original characters,
specifically futuristic characters,
and I create unique assets
to set up each character's cyberpunk look.

You can often find me releasing
personal projects for my NFT collection
and my Instagram page as well.

Through this class,
I will be walking you through
the process of creating
realistic characters and futuristic assets.

Check out my class and follow me
in my journey to building a surreal universe.

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Coloso Matthieu Martin
3D Character Artist,
Matthieu Martin

Freelance 3D Artist

Projects & Awards

[Notable Work]
Cyberpunk Vol 2


9 Class Exercises


Class Highlights

Adding Realistic Touches
to 3D Models

Learn how to add realistic touches to your characters by adding details to the skin and hair texture. After this class, your characters will have redness, freckles, pores, and wrinkles just like real humans.

Coloso Matthieu Martin Introduction

Designing Cyberpunk Clothes

Styling makes all the difference in creating a character’s universe. Understand the trends of cyberpunk fashion and learn how to add unique futuristic style to your characters.

Coloso Matthieu Martin Introduction

Loop Animation of Futuristic Assets

Add simple but creative animations to your designs to highlight the futuristic assets of your characters. This is another great way to upgrade your portfolio and make your work unique & distinct!

Coloso Matthieu Martin Introduction

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In depth-Look

SECTION 01. Introduction

01. Orientation

  1. Introduction to Matthieu Martin
  2. Overview of the class
SECTION 02. Workflow

02. Overview of My Workflow

  1. Setting up my workstation
  2. Overview of my workflow for 3D cyberpunk character design
SECTION 03. Using References to Build Your Own Universe

03. Finding & Developing References

  1. Share helpful websites for references & royalty free pictures
  2. Share the process of developing a concept & story from these references
SECTION 04. Setting Up a Character Base

04. Creating Your Character on Daz Studio

  1. Setting up character poses & animations on Daz 3D

05. How to Setup Cinema 4D & Octane

  1. How to import character base from Daz
  2. How to set up C4D & Octane for texturing character
SECTION 05. Texturing Skin & Hair for Realistic Expressions

06. Texturing Method 1:

  1. Texturing with DAZ 3D texture maps
  2. Adding details with Photoshop & Octane

07. Texturing Method 2:

  1. Texturing with maps

08. Texturing Method 3:

  1. Tips on Zbrush texturing without prior sculpting knowledge
SECTION 06. Designing Cyberpunk Body Implants

09. Designing Face Implants

  1. How to use references to create face implants
  2. How to modify original facial features for a surreal and sci-fi look

10. Designing Body Implants

  1. How to use references to create body implants
  2. How to modify original body figures for a surreal and sci-fi look
SECTION 07. Designing Cyberpunk Clothes on Clo3D

11. Understanding Fashion Trends in the Metaverse

  1. Understanding fashion trends in the metaverse (style, garment textures, etc.)
  2. Where to get inspiration

12. Designing Futuristic Clothes on CLO3D

  1. Designing tops, jackets, and bottoms

13. Expressing Surrealism & Cyberpunk Through Texturing

  1. Texturing clothes to make your characters look more surreal & futuristic
SECTION 08. Modeling & Kitbashing Hard Surfaces

14. Modeling & Kitbashing Hard Surfaces

  1. How to model hard surfaces on C4D
  2. How to kitbash on C4D

15. Zbrush Tips for Hard Surfaces

  1. How to model hard surfaces with Zbrush without prior sculpting knowledge

16. Texturing Future Assets

  1. How to texture future assets to fit a cyberpunk theme
SECTION 09. Post Production: Exporting Setup & Compositing

17. Export Setup

  1. How to setup an export from Octane to EXR or PSD

18. Compositing / Post Production on Photoshop

  1. Compositing / post production in Photoshop

19. Compositing / Post Production on After Effects

  1. Compositing / post production in After Effects
Bonus Section: Simple Animations

20. Creating Futuristic Body Animations

  1. Separating & animating parts of the body with C4D techniques
Bonus Section: Simple Loop Animations

21. Make it Loop!

  1. Different techniques for achieving a perfect loop animation
SECTION 10: Conclusion

22. Outro: Last Words From Matthieu

  1. Tips on staying up-to-date with new cyberpunk trends
  2. How to build an attractive 3D portfolio

with 3D Character Artist
Matthieu Martin

Background images
Is There a Specific Reason Why You Chose This Specific Topic/Themes?

I wanted to create a class for futuristic 3D character design because this is something that I am confident in and good at. I am also often asked to share my work process, so I wanted to take this chance to share how I create my work.

What Makes Your Class Different
From Other Classes?

Cyberpunk and futuristic character designs are very specific themes within character design and there aren’t very many masterclasses on this topic.

Please Share Your Thoughts on the Job Market of the Industry.

The pandemic crisis has slowed everything down a bit, but 3D is a booming sector and is very sought after in the digital art industry. If you were to be able to navigate 3D software like Clo3D or Houdini, it will be much easier for you to find the job of your dreams.

What do you think is the most important trait(s) to success in your industry?

One of the most important traits of an artist is having your own style. 3D is still a fairly new field, and you will have plenty of space to develop something of your own. If you are disciplined and passionate about what you do and have good ideas, you will be able to find your place in the industry.

Required Programs

This course uses Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D (version R 18 and up), CLO3D, Daz 3D and Octane Render. Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

After Effects Photoshop Cinema 4D  CLO3D Daz 3D Octane Render.

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