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Advanced Guide to Sculpting 3D Collectibles

3D Character Artist, Wandah Kurniawan

Class Details

3DCharacterArtist,WandahKurniawan2 Details

Take 3D Collectible Sculpting To The Next Level! Wandah Kurniawan's 2nd Class
Wondering how to further improve after completing Wandah's first class?
Are you looking to hone your 3D sculpting skills and reach mastery?
The art director at Prime 1 Studio Japan, Wandah Kurniawan, will be your instructor to guide you in the journey of mastering 3D collectible figurine sculpting.
Illustrator Zila Li
After thorough monitoring of the challenges students were facing when sculpting 3D figurines, Wandah has honed the curriculum to address and delve deeper into crucial aspects such as anime anatomy, proportions, facial expressions, and more in this subsequent class.

In addition to the above, Wandah will share with you the tips and tricks to sculpt a complete 3D collectible figurine from a single illustration created by Rinotuna while guiding you on how to collect proper references, work with a single front image, and reimagine the side view and the back of the 3D figurine.

Class Perks
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Expert 3D Character Artist Wandah Kurniawan's Portfolio

Why Take This Class?

Wandah's subsequent class welcomes both returning and new students by delivering a wealth of practical tips and expertise, such as optimizing the sculpting flow, anime anatomy, proportions, and incorporating elemental effects.

Making it the perfect class for anyone from basic to intermediate level looking to advance their sculpting skills in ZBrush

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12 Class Exercises

Wandah Kurniawan exercises
Warming Up: Rinotuna's Mascot
Wandah Kurniawan exercises
Advanced Anatomy & Proportions
Wandah Kurniawan exercises
Making Appealing Expressions
Wandah Kurniawan exercises
High Resolution Texture Detailing
Wandah Kurniawan exercises
Realistic Drapery Sculpting
Wandah Kurniawan exercises
Elemental FX for Collectibles
Wandah Kurniawan exercises
In-Depth Water FX Sculpting
Wandah Kurniawan exercises
Water Drip Detailing
Wandah Kurniawan exercises
Finding Perfect Composition Balance
Wandah Kurniawan exercises
Render & Lighting Setup
Wandah Kurniawan exercises
Professional Presentation
Wandah Kurniawan exercises
Getting Ready for 3D Printing

Wandah Kurniawan
3D Character Artist

Hello, my name is Wandah Kurniawan. I currently work as an art director at Prime 1 Studio Japan. Here I learn to make a lot of high-quality figures and statues in various styles of work, including realistic style, cartoony, anime, hard surface, etc. I worked at AAA Video Game Company before, and now I'm focusing on collectible toys, especially statues and anime figures. Some of my projects include characters from DC, Square Enix, Capcom, Kadokawa, and many more.

In this class, I intend to help you take your sculpting techniques to the next level and further improve your skills. I'm also sharing the insights and knowledge I’ve gained working in the industry for over 15 years, and I'll be guiding you every step of the way as we sculpt our amazing character from a single illustration that was created by Rinotuna.

Background Images
3D Character Artist  Wandah Kurniawan
3D Character Artist,
Wandah Kurniawan

Art Director at Prime 1 Studio Co., Ltd.
Lead 3D Character Artist at Prime 1 Studio Co., Ltd.
Freelance 3D Sculptor Kinetiquette (2015-2018)
Freelance 3D Sculptor XM Studios (2018)
Freelance 3D Sculptor at McFarlane Toys (2017-2018)
3D Character Artist at Streamline Studios (April 2016 - April 2017)

Projects & Awards

3D World Issue 274 Toys and Collectible
2015 Best Design, 3D Print Creature Design, UCT
Statue of the year 2021 - Batman Statue Collectors

[Recognizable Statues Project]
Featured in ZBrush Central: Raiden Shogun Fan Art
Devil May Cry 3, Dante and Vergil
Street Fighter V Arcade Edition
Marvel VS Capcom Infinite
Nier Automata diorama statues
Evangelion Statues
Attack on Titan Diorama
Fullmetal Alchemist Statues


Class Highlights

Advanced Sculpting Techniques

In this subsequent class, we'll delve into advanced sculpting techniques that go beyond the basics you learned in my first class. You'll learn how to tackle more complex forms with intricate details and achieve a higher level of semi-realism in your 3D character sculptures. We'll explore methods for refining anime-style anatomical accuracy, creating various FX, and mastering the art of digital sculpting.

Coloso 연사명 Introduction

Advanced Anatomy & Proportions

One of many important takeaways from this class is the very details of sculpting anatomically accurate and well-proportioned anime characters. During the class, we will dissect the anime body structure and explore advanced techniques for sculpting anime figurine anatomy. You will gain a profound understanding of the anime body structure and proportions to make your sculpt not only look aesthetically pleasing but also possess perfect anime proportions.

Coloso 연사명 Introduction

Elemental FX for 3D Collectibles

Incorporating dynamic effects such as fire, electricity, and water into your character sculptures can take your art to the next level. We'll explore techniques for creating these captivating elemental effects, making your characters come alive with the illusion of motion and magic. You'll gain insights into how to simulate the behavior of these elements and incorporate them seamlessly into your 3D character designs, enhancing their visual impact and storytelling potential.

Coloso 연사명 Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

(자동 구성) 가격이 인상됩니다.

지금이 최저가!

In-Depth Look

SECTION 01. 2nd Class Run-through

01. Hello Again & Welcome

  1. Instructor introduction
  2. 2nd Class overview
  3. Helpful websites and software programs + productivity app
SECTION 02. Character Intro & Warm Up

02. Introducing the Shower Fairy by Rinotuna

  1. Introducing the Shower Fairy by Rinotuna
  2. Character Breakdown
  3. Planning the workflow (time management)
  4. Gathering references

03. Warming Up with Rinotuna’s Mascot

  1. Setting up preferences & hotkeys
  2. Getting started with Rinotuna's mascot
SECTION 03. Foundation Sculpting: The Head

04. Kicking Off with Head Sculpting

  1. Adjusting shapes for the face
  2. Blocking out facial features
  3. Pro tips for sculpting from references
  4. Adding eyelashes
  5. Adding front hair

05. Detail Refining: Eyes, Irises & Mouth

  1. Adding eyeballs & pupils
  2. Tips on sculpting eyes and mouth
  3. Topology with ZRemesher
  4. Irises and details
SECTION 04. Foundation Sculpting: The Body

06. Anime Body Proportions

  1. In-deph anime body proportions
  2. Using heads for measurements
  3. Body parts with Simple Primitive Objects
  4. Curve in human body

07. Body Landmarks & Curves

  1. Adding anatomy landmarks
  2. Considering the curves
  3. Rough body refining

08. Sculpting Fingers & Toes

  1. Sculpting fingers & toes from hexagons
  2. Tips for creating fingers & toes
  3. Sculpting finger & toe nails
  4. Sculpting palm & creases

09. Topology, Bone Structure & Polygrouping

  1. Merging body parts
  2. Figurine toplogy and tips
  3. Marking bone structure
  4. Polygrouping
SECTION 05. Hat, Accessories & Blocking Out

10. The Hat & Accessories

  1. Blocking out the hat
  2. Adding chains and crystals
  3. Adding letters
  4. Adding details to the symbol

11. Rough Block Out

  1. Blocking out the clothing
  2. Blocking out the water FX
SECTION 06. Posing & Anatomy

12. Posing the Character: Initial Stage

  1. Preparation before posing character
  2. Fundamentals for female poses
  3. General sculpt placement
  4. Pose matching

13. Posing the Character: Polishing Stage

  1. Adding hand gestures
  2. Smoothing all out
  3. Adjusting to the pole
  4. Balancing the composition

14. Refining: Upper Body Anatomy & Muscles

  1. Refining upper body muscles
  2. Simplifying the anatomy
  3. Starting from the upper body
  4. Hands, shoulder & torso details

15. Refining: Lower Body Anatomy & Muscles

  1. Refining lower body muscles
  2. Minor touch ups
  3. Lower body symmetry
  4. Refining feet details
SECTION 07. Fabric & Wet Look Clothing

16. Fabric Sculpting: Front Side Clothing

  1. How the fabric behaves on clothing
  2. Starting with the front side drapery
  3. Achieving the wet look on clothing
  4. Working on the clothing folds

17. Fabric Sculpting: Back Side Clothing

  1. Sculpting the flow
  2. Refining the sculpt
  3. Completing the backside folds
SECTION 08. FX for 3D Collectibles

18. 3 Essential Elemental Effects

  1. How to sculpt the fire effect
  2. How to sculpt the electric effect
  3. How to sculpt the water effect

19. FX Block Out: Hair

  1. Water effect application
  2. Blocking out anterior hair FX
  3. Blocking out posterior hair FX

20. FX Block Out: Broom, Sleeves, Fishes

  1. Adding the broom water FX
  2. Using temporary base
  3. Water FX on the sleeves
  4. Blocking out fish water FX

21. FX Refinition: Anterior Hair

  1. Grouping & hiding parts for efficiency
  2. Refining front bangs
  3. Closing hair gaps
  4. Refining the anterior hair FX

22. FX Refinition: Posterior Hair

  1. Posterior hair shape adjustment
  2. Refining the upper & posterior side hair
  3. Refining the lower side hair & hair tips

23. FX Refinition: Sleeves & Wings

  1. Reconstructing & smoothing the edges
  2. Refining the FX curves
  3. Tips and tricks for intersections
  4. Refining and adding details to the wings

24. FX Refinition: Water Sack & Details

  1. Reconstructing & smoothing the FX
  2. Refining the broom's water sack FX
  3. Positioning the mascot into the FX
  4. Incorporating additional details

25. Adding Base to the Figurine

  1. Making a suitable base for the character
  2. Adding the tiles to the base
  3. Adding details and refining
SECTION 09. Textures, Details and Evaluation

26. Tile-able Texture Creation & Application

  1. Creating tile-able texture
  2. Applying textures
  3. Adding micro details
  4. Adding wear an tear effects

27. Clothing Fabric Textures & Tips

  1. Using premade Noise
  2. Applying fabric texture for clothing
  3. Tips and tricks on size of the Noise
  4. Micro detailing

28. Dripping Water & Minor Details

  1. Extracting skin surface water drip FX
  2. Refining water drips
  3. Additional FX touch-ups

29. Constructive Model Evaluation

  1. Final touches
  2. How professionals evaluate
  3. Ways to compare
  4. Addressing feedback
SECTION 10. UV Unwrapping, Decimating & Scaling

30. UV Unwrapping, Coloring & Decimating

  1. UV unwrapping the model
  2. Adding color and shading
  3. Decimating before rendering
  4. Scaling for perfection
SECTION 11. Materials, Textures & Rendering

31. Materials, Textures & Rendering

  1. Render setup in Marmoset Toolbag 4
  2. Glossiness map & color adjustments
  3. Adding textures for better presentation
  4. Post production & turn table presentation
SECTION 12. Bonus

32. Additional Facial Expression

  1. Sculpting the new expression
  2. Balancing facial features + tips and tricks
  3. Adjusting to the model

33. Cutting for 3D Figurine (Demo)

  1. Demonstration of face cutting for 3D Printing
  2. Exporting print-ready model
SECTION 13. Outro & Farewell

34. Tips and Tricks to Build Your Career

  1. Conventional hiring process
  2. Tips creating portfolios
  3. More tips

*The release date of this class, curriculum images, and associated content can be changed without prior notice.
** Class videos may be seperated for a more streamlined viewing experience

Interview with
3D Character Artist, Wandah Kurniawan

Background Images
Why did you choose this specific topic?

I chose this topic for this subsequent class because I wanted to leave the opportunity open for students to explore further beyond the fundamentals and dive into the advanced aspects of 3D anime figurine sculpting. Having worked in the industry for over 15 years now, I've gathered a great deal of skills and mastered advanced sculpting techniques, self-evaluating skills, and incorporating effects. I am glad to share these valuable insights and techniques with my second class and help students elevate their skills and produce artwork that truly stands out in the industry.

What makes your class different from other classes?

I think what sets my class apart from others is that it's the first subsequent class teaching in continuation of the first class. In my first class "Turning Anime Characters Into 3D Printable Models", I focused more on teaching the fundamentals and basics of sculpting 3D anime figurines. This class takes the learning experience further by exploring advanced sculpting techniques, how-to-create elemental effects, and incorporating them into the sculpt.

What would be the most important takeaway from your class?

The first important takeaway would be learning the art of advanced sculpting. Second would be going beyond the technical skills: students will learn how to critically evaluate their own work, which is a must-know skill for gradual improvement. The last important takeaway would be the dynamic elemental effects; learning how to incorporate those into your sculpting workflow will definitely give you a competitive advantage.

Required Programs

This course will use Zbrush 2022.0.6, Marmoset Toolbag 4.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

Adobe Photoshop CC

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