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Turning Anime Characters Into 3D Printable Models

3D Character Artist, Wandah Kurniawan

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3DCharacterArtist,WandahKurniawan Details


Class Intro

3D Character Artist, Wandah Kurniawan
"Bring characters to a new dimension with modeling and sculpting."

Want to hold your favorite character in the palm of your hands?

Coloso Wandah Kurniawan Turning Anime Characters Into 3D Printable Models
I will teach you how to take your 2D characters and digitally sculpt them into printable works of art. I'll be using my years of experience to show you simple and fun ways to shape your models, while providing several methods for resolving common sculpting headaches.

Expert 3D Character Artist
Wandah Kurniawan's Profile & Portfolio

Coloso Wandah Kurniawan Turning Anime Characters Into 3D Printable Models

Wandah Kurniawan
3D Character Artist

Hello. my name is Wandah Kurniawan.
I have spent more than 10 years working as a 3D Artist and am excited to share my digital sculpting knowledge with you. I currently work at Prime 1 Studio Japan as a Lead 3D Character Artist, but have also worked with AAA video game companies.

My work focuses on collectible toys, mainly statues and anime figures, and includes characters from companies such as: DC, Square Enix, Capcom, Kadokawa, and many more. This has allowed me to experiment with many different art styles over the course of my employment.

Throughout this class, I'll teach you the skills, tips, and insights that I have learned from my years in the industry. I will introduce you to the ZBrush tool and show you rendering techniques for toolbag 4. You will even learn how to make model cuts that allow you to 3D print your model and turn it into a collectible statue.

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Coloso Wandah Kurniawan
3D Character Artist, Wandah Kurniawan

Lead 3D Character Artist at Prime 1 Studio Co., Ltd. (March 2019 - Present)

Recognizable Projects & Awards

Freelance 3D Sculptor Kinetiquette (2015-2018)
Freelance 3D Sculptor XM Studios (2018)
Freelance 3D Sculptor at McFarlane Toys (2017-2018)
3D Character Artist at Streamline Studios (April 2016 - April 2017)

3D World Issue 274 Toys and Collectible
2015 Best Design, 3D Print Creature Design, UCT
Statue of the year 2021 - Batman Statue Collectors

[Recognizable Statues Project]
Nier Automata diorama statues
Evangelion Statues
Attack on Titan Diorama
Fullmetal Alchemist Statues


9 Class Exercises


Class Highlights

ZBrush Essentials

Learn the essential principles of anime-style character sculpting, anatomy, and proportions—starting with ZBrush. You'll get to know all the most important features and get in-depth insights into using the tool. Then, get an inside look at anime-style character sculpting using the ZBrush tool: from understanding the anime-style anatomy and body proportions down to facial sculpting—one of the most challenging parts of transferring a 2D anime character into a 3D form.

Wandah Kurniawan Introduction

Hands-on Sculpting

Get started with sculpting by following along with a real-world 3D character artist as they guide you through the process of using ZBrush. We begin with the very basics of setting up your preferences for effective sculpture creation and using those settings to sculpt Okku's Snow Bunny. From small bunnies to a complete character, discover a wide range of insights and tips along the way—while bring ing an anime character to the 3rd dimension.

Wandah Kurniawan Introduction

Perfect Presentation

Learn the process of finding the right pose for a character while presenting it in the best way possible. This class contains tips and insights that are hard to find anywhere else. You'll learn how to create poses that convey the right emotion and put together character presentations that stand out. Additionally, you'll develop skills for ZBrush and Toolbag 4 that will help you achieve optimal rendering for your work. Plus, get a bonus demonstration of cutting out the face and hair from a 3D printed character.

Wandah Kurniawan Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

(자동 구성) 가격이 인상됩니다.

지금이 최저가!

In-Depth Look

SECTION 01. Introduction & General Orientation

01. Hello and Welcome

  1. Introducing Your Instructor
  2. Brief Overview Of The Class
  3. Pros and Cons of the Anime Figure Industry
  4. Brief Overview of the Workflow of Character Sculpting in General
  5. The Future of Anime Collectible Industry
  6. Welcoming Message
SECTION 02. ZBrush: Essentials

02. Getting Started with ZBrush

  1. Why I've Chosen Zbrush to Model
  2. Pros and Cons of Zbrush
  3. Getting Started with ZBrush UI and Navigation
  4. Different Uses and Types of Brushes

03. Getting Familiar with Essentials Part 1

  1. Working on Symmetry
  2. What's Gizmo 3D?
  3. What's Transpose?
  4. What's Dynamesh?
  5. What's Sculptris Pro?
  6. What's Live Boolean?

04. Getting Familiar with Essentials Part 2

  1. What are Subdivision Levels?
  2. What's Zremesher?
  3. What is Zmodeler?
  4. What is Polygroups and Crease?
  5. What is Curve Mode?
  6. What are Subtools?
SECTION 03. Hands-On 3D Sculpting The Snow Bunny

05. Intro to The Snow Bunny by Okku, Preferred Settings and Starting with the Small Bunnies

  1. Setting the Preferences & Hotkeys to Start Working More Efficiently
  2. Introducing the Snow Bunny Character Created by the Concept Artist Okku
  3. Why I Chose This Character
  4. Starting with Simple Small Bunnies

06. Anime Style Face Part 1

  1. Tips on Anime Style Features
  2. Sculpting the Anime Style Face

07. Anime Style Face Part 2

  1. Painting the Eyes, Eye brows, Eye Balls, etc
  2. Other Facial Details and Refining

08. Hair Part 1

  1. Making Custom Hair Brushes
  2. Introducing Custom Braid Brush
  3. Applying the Brushes on the Front Hair

09. Hair Part 2

  1. Working on the Side Hair
  2. Combining the Braid and Refining

10. Hair Part 3

  1. Adding Additional Accessories
  2. Definitions and Minor Adjustments

11. Body & Proportions Part 1

  1. Understanding the Types of Bodies and Proportions
  2. Difference Between Real Human and Anime Anatomy
  3. Forming Body Parts Using Simple Primitive Object
  4. Simplifying Anatomy for Anime Style

12. Body & Proportions Part 2

  1. Smoothing Out for Definition
  2. Shaping the Bone Landmarks

13. Hands and Feet

  1. Building Hands and Feet According to The Body Proportions
  2. What to be Aware of When Creating Hands and Feet

14. Costume Part 1

  1. Sculpting the Hoodie
  2. Building the basic shape of Bunny Ears
  3. Basic Creation of Clothing Layer
  4. Sculpting Boots

15. Costume Part 2

  1. Detailing the Back of the Hoodie
  2. Detailing the Fur

16. Costume Part 3

  1. Sculpting the Cape & Adding Details
  2. Bodysuit Defining

17. Costume Part 4

  1. Detailing the Cape
  2. Creating Boots and Straps

18. Cape Details & Accessories Part 1

  1. Adding Cape Straps
  2. Collar Accessories
  3. Creating Waste Straps & Rings

19. Cape Details & Accessories Part 2

  1. Adding Cape Decorations
  2. Sculpting the Emblem

20. General Details

  1. Bunny Ear Defining and Coloring
  2. Adding Details on the Sleeves
  3. Perfecting the Eyes
  4. Detailing the Boots

21. Staff Weapon Creation

  1. Creating the Staff Weapon
  2. Detailing & Coloring the Weapon
SECTION 04. Retouching

22. Posing Part 1

  1. Trying Out Different Poses
  2. What Kind of Poses Make Your Character Stand Out
  3. How to Balance the Character

23. Posing Part 2

  1. Polishing Up the Anatomy According to the Pose
  2. Adding Proper Clothes Wrinkle for the Pose

24. Posing Part 3

  1. Adjustments on the Body Suit
  2. Making Adjustments on the Legs for the Pose
  3. Adding Wrinkles on the Boots

25. Posing Part 4

  1. Adding Straps on the Thigh
  2. Straps on the Belly
  3. Cape Detail Adjustments

26. Posing Part 5

  1. Creating Floating Snowflakes and Effects
  2. Adjusting Small Bunnies for the Pose

27. Color Shading & Detailing

  1. Adding Color Shading on the Character
  2. Working with Alpha to Add Pattern
SECTION 05. Rendering

28. Rendering in ZBrush

  1. Finalizing All and Displaying on the Turntable
  2. Working with Lightcap
  3. Rendering in Zbrush

29. Rendering in Toolbag 4 Part 1

  1. Decimating Polygon Count.
  2. Exporting for Toolbag 4 Render

30. Rendering in Toolbag 4 Part 2

  1. Setting Up the Scene in Toolbag 4
  2. Adding Material in the Model
  3. Post Production in Toolbag 4
SECTION 06. Bonus Demo

31. Cutting 3D Model for Printing Demo: Head & Hair

  1. Demonstration of Cutting the Character for 3D Printing
  2. Exporting Print-Ready Model
SECTION 07. Outro

32. Goodbye and Thank you

  1. Tips and Insights on Working for a AAA Collectibles Studio
  2. Words of Encouragement
  3. Farewell Message

**The release date of this class, curriculum images, and associated content can be changed without prior notice.

Interview with
3D Character Artist Wandah Kurniawan

Background Images
Is there a specific reason why you chose this specific topic/themes?

I believe that anime is one of the most popular categories in the 2D & 3D industry, obtaining increasing popularity over time. This is why I thought it would be interesting for me to share my skills and insights with people who wish to be involved in this industry.

What makes your class different from other classes?

I've had many experiences working with a lot of top collectible industries, which helped me attain my own unique style and skills. I think that with all the knowledge I’ve gathered, I'll be able to show how to break down, and simplify the process as well as try to find the most fun ways to sculpt. I'd also like to show different approaches solving the same problems.

Please share anything you would like to add to your students

This class is for everyone interested in character sculpting. For beginners, they’ll go from having a very basic understanding of the tool, to creating their own anime character. For 3D Character artists, they’ll upgrade their skills and learn the insights on what's required to work for collectibles companies. For collectors, they’ll learn to create their own collectibles sfter mastering this course.

What do you think is the most important trait(s) to success in your industry?

Tenacity and the eagerness to learn new things. This industry evolves every five years or so. I'd recommend that you work hard on improving your skills.

Required Programs

This course will use ZBrush & Marmoset Toolbag 4. Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

ZBrush Marmoset Toolbag 4

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