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[Summersplash]3D Character Artist,Taeckgyu Han_한택규 Details

Coloso Taeckgyu Han Cartoon-Style Girl Character 3ds Max Modeling & Toon Shading

3D Character Artist Taeckgyu Han will teach you
step-by-step on how to use 3ds Max's
essential functions, how to produce SD or
cartoon-style girl characters, and practical tips
on optimized modeling and rendering methods,
toon shading, and many more!

This modeling & customized cartoon rendering class
is perfect for upgrading your tool skills
and enriching your portfolio.


Length: 36 videos
(Duration 23h 30m)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

Video Details
Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Software Required
Software Required

Autodesk 3ds Max 2020
Unity 2020.3.27f1
Adobe Photoshop 2021


3ds Max modeling file
Texture image png file

Expert 3D Character Artist
Taeckgyu Han's Profile & Portfolio

Who Should
Take This Class?

Are you looking for a way to create
a cartoon-style character with 2D features,
but lacking information?

With unrivaled expertise in toon shading,
I'll teach you to create a character model
and stylize it to look like a 2D drawing.

Learning toon shading in 3ds Max and Unity
will help you achieve the most efficient workflow
for your character modeling project.

This comprehensive curriculum will teach you
everything about modeling & cartoon rendering
including highly-valued skills in the industry
with infinite monetization potential.

Check out the class now!

Background images

Taeckgyu Han's Class
Recommended by Experts in the Field

6 Class Exercises

*These are sample images for better understanding.


Taeckgyu Han
3D Character Artist

Hello, I'm Taeckgyu Han,
a 3D Character Artist.

As a 3D character modeler, I've participated
in various projects at companies such as
Netmarble, NCSOFT, NHN, LINE, and etc.
Currently, I'm a game development director
at a startup company called Treesure.

Based on my experiences in diverse projects,
I will share insights on modeling and toon shading
methods to increase efficiency and help you work
more effectively with others on your team.

With this class, I will help you hone
the most fundamental skills in modeling,
creating forms and shapes so that you can
create a 2D cartoon-style girl character of your own.

Background images
Coloso Taeckgyu Han
3D Character Artist
Taeckgyu Han

Treesure Development Director

Netmarble Monster
BTS Universe Story / Character Team Leader
Yo-kai Watch: Medal Wars / Character Team Leader

Projects & Awards

[Participated Projects]
Blade & Soul / Senior 3D Artist

Line Fighters / Lead 3D Artist

The Mana Series: Rise of Mana / Senior 3D Artist

NHN ent.
Mystery Party / Senior 3D Artist


Class Highlights

3ds Max Modeling Customized
for Girl Characters, Starting
with Poly Modeling Basics

You will be learning essential functions in 3ds Max specifically for modeling girl characters, starting from the basic understanding of polygon modeling and workflow to tips on utilizing built-in renderers and the Unity machine.

Coloso Taeckgyu Han Introduction

An Inclusive Guide to
SD & Cartoon-Style
Girl Character Modeling

Girl characters have become highly popular in the gaming industry. This class will teach you to create characters through detailed examples. In addition to building models with basic body structures and styles, you will also learn to make props and accessories for your characters.

Coloso Taeckgyu Han Introduction

Mastering Toon Shading
Techniques with 2D Features

Learn the most compelling character modeling method for 2D style toon shading, using 3ds Max and Unity Toon Shader to learn cartoon rendering with each tool.

Coloso Taeckgyu Han Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Preparations for Character Modeling

01. Intro

  1. Introducing the instructor
  2. Introducing the class
  3. What is cartoon-style girl character modeling?

02. 3ds Max

  1. Pros and cons
  2. Areas to apply

03. Poly Modeling

  1. The difference between Mesh and Poly
  2. UV coordinates and texture
  3. Wireframe and rigging
  4. About pivot and scale
  5. About sub-objects and polygon

04. Materials and Shaders

  1. About materials and shaders
  2. Basic shaders and their properties

05. Texture Types and Areas to Apply

  1. About textures
  2. Types of textures and their uses
  3. Understanding texture channels

06. Toon Shading

  1. History & examples of toon shading
  2. Characteristics of toon shading
  3. Modern-day toon shading

07. Understanding Poly Modeling

  1. Introducing the 3ds Max Interface
  2. Understanding poly modeling by creating a simple item

    * .MAX file for modeling will be provided
SECTION 02. Understanding the Basic Workflow of Character Modeling

08. Functions of 3ds Max

  1. Commonly used 3ds Max modifiers for poly modeling
  2. Precautions when applying modifiers

09. Character Body Modeling

  1. Practicing modeling with big shapes
  2. Character modeling based on an understanding of human anatomy
  3. Creating effective wireframes for animation

    * .MAX file for modeling will be provided

10. Face Modeling

  1. Studying facial forms and characteristics of girl characters
  2. Creating wireframe models for facial expressions

    * .MAX file for modeling will be provided

11. Modeling Hands and Feet & Connecting Them to the Body

  1. An easy approach to modeling hands & feet
  2. How to construct joints for effective rigging

12. Unwrapping and Texturing

  1. Understanding the basic concept of mapping
  2. The basics of unwrapping: UV cutting, unfolding, and placing

13. Shaders and Rendering

  1. Understanding shaders and rendering
  2. About real-time rendering
SECTION 03. Creating a Character 01

14. Modifying the Basics: Face & Body

  1. Modifying the proportion
  2. Identifying face & body features of your character

15. Creating Hair

  1. Things to consider when modeling hair
  2. Utilizing the Poly Shift Move function

16. Creating Clothes

  1. Creating clothes on the basic human body model
  2. Modeling to create volume

17. Creating Accessories

  1. How to use poly modeling to create accessories
  2. Understanding the effective workflow for managing many different objects

18. UVW Unwrapping

  1. Things to remember when unwrapping
  2. Effective unwrapping and seam line placement
  3. Tips for unwrapping

    * .MAX file for modeling will be provided

19. Mapping

  1. Simple mapping process using outside tools
  2. Managing Photoshop layers for efficient mapping
  3. Understanding different image formats

    * Texture image files will be provided

20. Finalizing the Project

  1. Preparing your model for export
  2. Different modeling formats
SECTION 04. Creating a Character 02

21. Creating Face and Body Shapes

  1. How to create facial expressions for stylized characters
  2. Studying the anatomy of stylized body proportions

22. Creating Hair

  1. Understanding the hair structure of casual characters
  2. Modeling clump-like hair

23. Creating Clothes

  1. A step-by-step guide to clothes creation
  2. How to create clothes using dummy models

24. Creating Accessories

  1. An easy approach to modeling various shapes
  2. Understanding different forms and constructing a workflow

25. UVW Unwrapping

  1. Effective unwrapping & seam line placement strategies
  2. Unwrapping for mapping & modeling for unwrapping

    * .MAX file for modeling will be provided

26. Casual Mapping

  1. Mapping for casual-style characters
  2. Tips on blending

27. Preparing to Use Unity

  1. Editing proportions
  2. Exporting for Unity
SECTION 05. Unity Rendering

28. Introducing Unity and UTS

  1. Understanding Unity
  2. Pros and Cons of Unity
  3. Unity toon shader

29. Importing Models into Unity

  1. Importing models and applying materials
  2. Unity scene settings

30. Manipulating Shaders

  1. Creating basic shaders
  2. Gradient shader

31. Shading Grade Map

  1. Shader application for better rendering
  2. Easy way to create a Shading Grade Map

32. Outline Control

  1. Basic principles of outline in Unity
  2. Ways to control outlines
SECTION 06. Creating a Cartoon-Style Girl Character's Face

33. Creating Your Favorite Character

  1. Identifying the character's unique features
  2. Gathering references

34. How to Create Different Impressions

  1. Understanding the features that determine a character's impression
  2. Creating different eye shapes

35. Creating Complicated Hairstyles

  1. Modeling uniquely-shaped hairstyles
  2. Understanding different forms of hair clumps
SECTION 07. Wrapping Up

36. Building Study Habits

  1. How to think like a character modeler
  2. How to search for information
  3. Habits to help you improve your skills

Interview with
3D Character Artist, Taeckgyu Han

Background images
Please share your thoughts on
3ds Max and what you see in the
industry's future.

3ds Max has always been widely used, but toon shading methods with both the hand-drawn quality and the 3D effect are becoming increasingly popular as they can produce cartoon-style outputs. Characters created with the toon shading method are highly sought on in casual games, VR avatars, and Vtubing platforms, cementing their position in the industry.

What is your strength as a
3D character artist?

Many modelers know how to use Zbrush or 3ds Max, but character modeling is an entirely different field which requires a special skillset when creating 2D-vibe, charming girl characters. Throughout my experience, I've developed a unique modeling method well-suited for cartoon rendering and toon shading that is recognized as one of the best in the industry for creating cartoon-style girl characters.

What is the main focus of this class?

Of all the functions in 3ds Max, I will be teaching you the essential techniques for modeling cartoon-style girl characters. This curriculum is more than just a simple tutorial of a 3D modeling tool, organized to help you create different shapes and improve your poly modeling skills by you through many types of cartoon-style girl characters.

Who would you recommend
this class to?

Beginner modelers who want to learn about poly modeling with 3ds Max used in many different areas and platforms, professionals looking for a quick lesson on creating cartoon-style girl characters, and budding 3D character artists who want to create their own or become professional character modelers.

Required Programs

This class uses Autodesk 3ds Max 2020, Unity 2020.3.27f1,
and Adobe Photoshop 2021.

Please install version 3.1 or higher for an optimal learning

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

3ds Max Unity Adobe Photoshop

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