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From Sketch to 3D Anime Avatar: Exploring Applications

3D CG Character Artist, Rika

Class Details

3DCGCharacterArtist,Rika Details

Create Your Own 3D Avatar and Explore the 3D Universe!
Rika, the creator of Enya Akemi from Nonoru's class on Coloso Japan and many other popular 3D avatars, will be the instructor to guide you through everything from conceptualizing the character to translating ideas into a 3D model that can be used in a variety of ways inside the 3D universe. While mastering each of the steps in 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, and setting up for various 3D applications, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the 3D avatar creation process and the numerous applications.
Illustrator Zila Li
The techniques taught in this class are highly versatile and will open doors to diverse opportunities such as VTubing, VR meetups, live streaming, and more. The main purpose of this class is not only to create a 3D VTuber character but also to create a 3D model that can be used and applied to a variety of 3D applications that exist online nowadays. Giving you the utmost advantage to explore and make use of the advancements in technology, such as full body tracking features.

While mastering each of the steps in 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, and setting up for various 3D applications, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the 3D avatar creation process and the numerous applications.

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Class Perks
Final Character Reference Sheet
Class Perks
Anni VRM Unity Package
Class Perks
VRM File of Enya
Class Perks
Bonus Section: Full Body Tracking with Oculus Rift

Expert 3D CG Character Artist Rika's Portfolio

Why Take This Class?

From a blank screen to a complete 3D avatar capable of navigating the 3D universe.

Get the most comprehensive instructions on how 3D anime-style avatars are created and applied in the 3D universe.

Rika will guide you step-by-step on how to create a 3D avatar, starting with a blank screen. You will not only master the creation of the 3D model but also all of the most popular 3D applications out there, such as VNyan, Warudo, VSeeFace, and VRChat, which allow you to work with numerous formats.

In addition to all the applications above, Rika has set aside an entire chapter dedicated to using full body tracking using the Oculus Rift in VRChat.

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16 Class Exercises


3D CG Character Artist

Hi guys! My name is Rika, you can also call me Ka. I've been involved in the 3D industry since 2015 as a hobbyist 2D and 3D generalist. After a few years, I decided to put all my focus and passionately pursue my art career in the world of 3D character modeling around the beginning of 2020. Throughout the years in the industry, I was fortunate to work with a few studios, collaborate with other professionals, and have my own collection of 3D models for sale.

It's truly amazing to see and experience all my imagination drawn in 2D art become 3D models. With this class, I will share awesome techniques, workflow, tips, and tricks for creating your own 3D avatar from scratch and explore all the applications it has in the virtual world of 3D Join me in pursuing your freelance career and learn all about the world of 3D avatars

Background Images
3D CG Character Artist Rika
3D CG Character Artist, Rika

Freelance 3D CG Character Artist
3D head artist on Artemiz guild

3D modeler for Finstey from Lightmotif agency

Projects & Awards

[2022] Work with Luca from Nijisanji EN
[2022] Work as freelancer for Studio Yuraki
[2022] Work as 3D modeler for Finstey from Lightmotif agency
[2021- now] Working with IP character creation on booth
[2020- now] Working as a a 3D head artist on Artemiz guild
[2020- now] work with Kitaria Fables as the 3D modeler
[2019 ] Work as 3D freelancer on MD studio animation


Class Highlights

Turning Rough Ideas into a 3D Character Design

In the beginning steps of our class, we'll delve deep into the exciting process of transforming your initial creative concepts and rough ideas into a well-defined and captivating 3D character design. This phase is definitely one of the most entertaining since it'll all start with a blank screen in CSP. A very important takeaway from this phase of the class would be to learn what to consider and how to build the design when designing a 3D character.

Coloso 연사명 Introduction

Bringing Your 2D Designs into a 3D Avatar

During this phase of the class, our main goal is to properly and accurately 3D model our 2D character design. From creating the 3D mesh to texturing, blendshaping, and rigging, we will experience the complete modeling workflow along with step-by-step guidance. Although modeling, texturing, and rigging may be time-consuming and repetitive work, I want to help you master each of the techniques, as they'll become our solid foundation in creating our 3D avatar according to your character's design without losing its essence and personality.

Coloso 연사명 Introduction

Technical Exploration for the Most Popular 3D World Applications

We'll explore all the technical aspects of the most popular 3D applications like Unity, VSeeFace, Vnyan, Warudo, VRChat, and lastly, the full body tracking in VRChat. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of how to set up your 3D avatar character for each application, including expressions, animations, and physical interactions. Learning through the end chapters will help you gain all the knowledge you need about VTuber applications and finally see your 3D character created from a blank screen come to life.

Coloso 연사명 Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

(자동 구성) 가격이 인상됩니다.

지금이 최저가!

In-Depth Look

SECTION 01. Prologue & Opening

01. Orientation

  1. Introducing your instructor
  2. What you will learn
  3. Helpful websites and software programs
SECTION 01. CSP: Concept Art

02. Starting with the Ideas!

  1. Choosing moodboard
  2. References for the overall character looks

03. Sketching the Ideas

  1. Execution of ideas
  2. Integrating the references to the sketch

04. Neat Lines & Base Colours

  1. Creating a solid outline
  2. Adding base colours

05. Shading & Rendering

  1. Shading for volume
  2. Adding details
  3. Final adjustments

06. Back & Side View Line Art

  1. Prepping the extra for 3D
  2. How to apply guiding lines for proportions
  3. From simple shapes to balanced side view

07. Back & Side View Coloring + Shading

  1. Finishing up the line art
  2. Filling in the colors
  3. Overall shading
  4. Backpack designing & detailing
SECTION 03. Blender: 3D Modeling, Texturing, Rigging & More

08. Creating the 3D Model Head

  1. Creating the head mesh from vertex
  2. Topology for anime style purpose

09. Texturing the Head

  1. Default brush: Head texturing
  2. Detailing for enhancement

10. Creating the Body and Clothes Mesh

  1. Creating the body mesh
  2. Creating the clothes mesh

11. Texturing the Body & Clothes Part 1

  1. Unwrapping parts
  2. Default brush: Body texturing
  3. Shadowing the shirt folds
  4. Applying skirt folds
  5. Detailed sleeve texturing

12. Texturing the Body & Clothes Part 2

  1. Clothes outlines
  2. Detailed texturing
  3. Boots and lowerbody texturing
  4. The bag and detail texturing

13. Creating the Hair Mesh

  1. Creating the hair mesh from vertex
  2. Shaping the hair

14. Hair Texturing: Front Side

  1. Adjusting the tail position
  2. Unwrapping posterior hair parts
  3. Unwrapping bangs
  4. Texturing the front hair view
  5. Enhancing the look by adding details

15. Hair Texturing: Back Side

  1. Ears texturing & shadowing
  2. Smearing & shading the back hair
  3. Tail texturing
  4. Final texturing touch ups

16. Making Viseme and Expressions

  1. Creating VRchat viseme
  2. Creating 6 expressions
  3. Creating eye blendshape for eye jiggle

17. Bone Names and Structure Setup

  1. Creating humanoid bones
  2. Naming the bones

18. Skinning & Weight Painting Part 1

  1. Skinning to the bone
  2. Weightpainting the humanoid bones
  3. Head & body

19. Skinning & Weight Painting Part 2

  1. Weightpainting for physic movement
  2. Tail, clothes & hair
  3. Exporting 3D model to FBX
SECTION 04. Unity & Other Applications

20. VRM Setup for 3D Avatars

  1. Importing to the UniVRM
  2. Setting up the expressions
  3. Setting up the collider and phsyic
  4. Animation test in VRM Live Viewer

21. VSF: Ear Animation & Pose

  1. Introduction to VSeeFace
  2. Creating VSF ear movement animation
  3. Adding pose
  4. Animation text on VSeeFace

22. VNyan & Warudo: Eye Physic Jiggle

  1. Introduction to VNyan
  2. Setting up the VNyan and adding eye jiggle
  3. Setting up throwable object in VNyan
  4. Introducing Warudo & its application

23. Introducing VRChat Shader and Physics

  1. Setting up the physics bone
  2. Setting up the poiyomi shader

24. Expressions & Animations for VRChat

  1. Adding ear animation
  2. Inserting expressions to menu toggle

25. Adding Particle Effects & Galaxy Texture

  1. Adding sparkle effect to the 3D model
  2. Adding galaxy effect to the ears
Bonus Section: Full Body Tracking

26. Full Body Tracking in VRChat

  1. Calibrating the full body tracker to Oculus Rift
  2. Introducing the full body tracking in VRChat
SECTION 05. Epilogue & Closing

27. Hanging Out in VRChat & Closing

  1. Exploring VRChat worlds
  2. Displaying all the expressions in menu toggle
  3. Closing

*The release date of this class, curriculum images, and associated content can be changed without prior notice.
** Class videos may be seperated for a more streamlined viewing experience

Interview with
3D CG Character Artist, Rika

Background Images
Why did you choose this specific topic?

My passion for this particular topic started in my childhood, when I would often find myself doodling in textbooks and coming up with imaginative stories as a hobby. It was during this time that I aspired to bring one of my novel ideas to life in the form of a comic, and the idea of translating words into visual art fascinated me. This inspiration got me started in my journey to learn and, ultimately, share my experiences on this topic, as I have experienced firsthand how powerful and joyful it can be to possess the skills and techniques to turn your imaginary art into something concrete.

What makes your class different from other classes?

I strongly believe that every artist possesses a unique and special approach to the creative process, each with their own distinct specialties. Enrolling in this class, which guides you through the comprehensive journey of crafting artwork from the initial concept to the final 3D VTuber character in action through numerous 3D VTuber applications, will help you discover your reference points and style preferences.

What would be the most important takeaway from your class?

The age-old phrase "practice makes perfect" contains timeless wisdom that you should carry with you throughout your creative journey. It's crucial to maintain a balanced approach, avoiding overworking while finding a pace that allows you to enjoy your work without giving in to quick burnout. This class's workflow is thoughtfully designed to guide you through the details of 3D VTuber creation and its application, and I hope that this class serves you as a guide and a compass throughout your journey in becoming a professional 3D VTuber artist.

Required Programs

This course will use Clip studio paint version 1, Blender 3.5, Unity 2019.4.29f1, VRM Live Viewer, VSeeFace, VNyan, Warudo, VRChat. Please purchase and install the latest versions of the programs for an optimized lecture experience.

**SteamVR & Oculus Rift are optional tools for your enhanced experience
*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

Adobe Photoshop CC

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