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Beginner’s Guide to 3D Anime Sculpting: Starting from Scratch

3D Character Artist, Nawin Sapchinda

Class Details

  • Beginner~Basic
  • Total 25 videos
  • English
  • English, Traditional Chinese [Auto], Spanish [Auto]
  • Class materials included

3DCharacterArtist,NawinSapchinda Details


In-Depth Look

  • SECTION 01
    • 01. Orientation- Introducing your instructor - What you will learn - Helpful websites and software programs

  • SECTION 02
    All about Zbrush
    • 02. Introduction to ZBrush- Basic understanding of ZBrush UI - Overall guidance of the software

    • 03. First 3D Sculpting Exercise- Simple sculpting exercise - Manipulating tools - Practicing exercise

    • 04. ZBrush UI Customization- Relocating the tools - Customizing the UI - Setting up for efficiency

  • SECTION 03
    Starting with 3D Model Sculpting
    • 05. Working with Concept Art- What is PureRef & how to use it - Explanation of concept art - Attributions to the illustrator

    • 06. Understanding Anime Anatomy and Proportions- Difference in Anatomy: Anime-style - Ways of measuring proportions - General anime anatomy

    • 07. Face Shape Sculpting- All about face sculpting - Understanding facial proportions - Facial sculpting exercise & practice

    • 08. Detailed Face Sculpting- Sculpting the eyes - Sculpting the eyebrows - Simple painting for marked areas

    • 09. Blocking Out the Body- Reasons for blocking out - Application of body proportions

    • 10. Detailed Body Sculpting - Sculpting the details - Sculpitng hands and feet - What to pay attention to when detailing

    • 11. Hair Sculpting (Part 1)- Overall understanding of sculpting hair - Introductions to tools

    • 12. Hair Sculpting (Part 2)- Overall understanding of hair sculpting & tools

    • 13. Costume Outfit Sculpting (Part 1)- What to be aware of when sculpting costumes - Sculpting upper and lower body outfits - Sculpting clothing folds and other details

    • 14. Costume Outfit Sculpting (Part 2)- Sculpting high heels - Sculpting gloves - Touching up on the details

    • 15. Accessories & Weapons (Part 1)- Analyzing weapons - Sculpting weapons with efficiency - Sculpting accessories

    • 16. Accessories & Weapons (Part 2)- Analyzing head cloak and other details - Sculpting the cloak - Adding details

  • SECTION 04
    Let's Start Posing!
    • 17. Posing (Part 1)- Why posing matters - Posing adjustments - What to prep for posing

    • 18. Posing (Part 2)- Overall understanding of posing - Further adjustments

  • SECTION 05
    The Last Step: Rendering
    • 19. Rendering in Blender (Part 1)- Export FBX file from Zbrush - Importing to Blender to set up the scene - Setting up materials for rendering

    • 20. Rendering in Blender (Part 2)- Basic lighting and camera setup - Export PNG file for photo look

  • SECTION 06
    Separating the Model for 3D Printing
    • 21. 3D Printing Preparations- What do you need for a 3D printing setup? - Managing and cutting the model

    • 22. In-Depth 3D Cutting for Printing- Cutting and exporting the ready-to-print model

  • SECTION 07
    • 23. Goodbye & Thank You- Personal tips on work discipline, routines, and attitude - Tips on developing a portfolio for the animation industry - Goodbye and good luck

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