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Fun 3D Character Modeling Using Blender

3D Character Artist, Minjeong Shin

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Class Intro
3D Character Artist, Minjeong Shin

"The things you can create with blender are limitless."

Learn how to create various characters using Blender,
so that you can bring your imagination to life through your work.

Coloso Minjeong Shin Fun 3D Character Modeling Using Blender

Even beginners can learn how to easily create 3D characters.
This class goes beyond the basics of using the free tool Blender,
you will learn how to model cute props and character modeling
for the face, hair, clothes, and body.

After completing this step-by-step curriculum,
you'll have a fully finished character model of your own.

Turn your imagination into a reality,
and create an attractive 3D character with Blender.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 41 videos
(49h 21m)
Difficulty: Beginner
Unlimited views

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Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

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Software Required

Wacom Intuos
Adobe Photoshop CC

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15 Class exercises
7 Sample files

3D Character Expert
Minjeong Shin's Profile & Portfolio

Coloso Minjeong Shin Fun 3D Character Modeling Using Blender
Coloso Minjeong Shin Fun 3D Character Modeling Using Blender
Coloso Minjeong Shin Fun 3D Character Modeling Using Blender
Coloso Minjeong Shin Fun 3D Character Modeling Using Blender
Coloso Minjeong Shin Fun 3D Character Modeling Using Blender
Coloso Minjeong Shin Fun 3D Character Modeling Using Blender

*Portfolio work includes fanart.


Minjeong Shin
3D Character Artist

This is 3D character artist Minjeong Shin.
I am currently working as a freelancer,
Creating a 3D character that is
stylized in a simplified form of the human body.
This is my strength and what differentiates me from others.

The core of this class is not about creating a live-action-based character
But more of a simple form stylized character
So even beginners without a deep understanding of the human body
With basic training
can easily create 3D characters.

The blender tool used in the class is a free program
with an easy interface.
It is a good 3D tool for beginners, but
There is not a lot of data in Korean
So in order to know the overall character work process
Numerous resources should be consulted.

However, this course contains
everything from 3D character creation that I learned
Over years of self-studying.
You can learn and understand the overall character creation process
Completely in Korean and
Create your own creative stylized character.

Background images

From Modeling Cute Props
To Designing a 3D Character

PART. 01 The First Step in Modeling
Making Breakfast for Chang-gu

PART. 02 Cultivating the Basic Concept of a Character
Face, Posture, Hair Modeling

PART. 03 Character Application
Completion of Attractive Character Face & Body

* This image is an example image for better understanding.


Class Highlights

How to "Sculpt (Sculp)"
Your Own Unique Character

Learn an efficient sculpting method to express a stylized character that can appear in a fairy tale, and complete a 3D character with a rich three-dimensional effect that cannot be felt in a 2D character through clean and sharp character sculpting.
* For a smooth sculpting process, please prepare a tablet.

Coloso Minjeong Shin Introduction

Step-By-Step Curriculum
For 3D Modeling

Don't worry if you're new to 3D tools. Through the free tool 'Blender', I will teach you in detail through a step-by-step curriculum from the basics of modeling to step-by-step skills so that even beginners can easily follow along.

Coloso Minjeong Shin Introduction

Practice on Your Own
Through Sample Exercise Files

It does not end with taking a class, but application of the material and creation of your own character is possible through character hair sample files, reto-polished character files and step-by-step sculpting example files.

Coloso Minjeong Shin Introduction

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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Introduction to Blender for Creating 3D Characters

01. Learn the Basics of Blender

  1. Learn about Blender UI and Screen Control
  2. Blender Frequently Used Shortcuts

02. Learning the Basics of Modeling

  1. Shortcut Keys Frequently Used in Modeling
  2. Learn about Frequently Used Modifier Functions

03. Learn the Basics of Sculpting

  1. Understanding Remesh
  2. Learn about Brushes That Are Often Used to Create 3D Characters
SECTION 02.Making Breakfast for Changu

04. Modeling

  1. Prepare Bowl
  2. Cook

05. Material

  1. Learning the Basics of Material
  2. Uv Mapping Using Photoshop

06. Rendering

  1. Learn Camera Basics
  2. Simple Correction in Compositing after Rendering
SECTION 03. Create a Cute Girl Character, Mabel

07. Modeling

  1. Make a Face
  2. Body Building

08. Material

  1. Creating Eyes with Vertex Paint and Nodes

09. Create Various Postures and Expressions.

  1. Walking Mable
  2. Angry Mabel
  3. Surprised Mabel
  4. Posing Mable

10. Retouch in Photoshop

  1. Editing in Photoshop
SECTION 04. Understanding Curves – Making Various Hair

11. Modeling Using Curve

  1. Understanding Curve
  2. Creating Different Types of Hair

12. Ponytails

  1. Creating Hair Using Curve

13. Dango Hair

  1. Creating Curve Using Mesh-1

14. Pigtails

  1. Creating Curve Using Mesh-2

15. Loose Hair

  1. Create Fuller Hair with Special Hair
SECTION 05. Create Your Own Profile Character

16. Understanding the Character Creation Process

  1. Character Creation Process

17. Creating Eyes

  1. Basic Eye Modeling
  2. Create an Eye Texture with Nodes

18. Sculpting

  1. Create a Basic Character
  2. Create a Variety of Facial Expressions
  3. Create Your Own Character

19. Retopology

  1. Retopology

20. Texture Painting

  1. Character Texture Painting

21. Modeling

  1. Head
  2. Costume
  3. Costume Accessories

22. Editing in Photoshop

  1. Editing Characters in Photoshop
SECTION 06. Create an Attractive Character Face

23. A Little Study of the Human Body to Create a Stylized Character

  1. Face Sculpting Step by Step

24. Sculpting an Attractive Character Face

  1. Getting the Basic Shape
  2. Various Ways to Express Stylized Eyes
  3. Various Ways to Express a Stylized Nose
  4. Various Ways of Expressing a Stylized Mouth
  5. Various Ways of Expressing the Stylized Ear
  6. Sculpting Your Own Attractive Character Face

25. Retopology

  1. Retopology

26. Texture Painting

  1. Character Texture Painting

27. Make Your Hair

  1. Creating the Character’s Head

28. Understanding Facial Changes Based on Facial Expressions

  1. Smiling Expression
  2. Surprised Expression
  3. Angry Expression
  4. Sad Expression

29. Editing in Photoshop

  1. Editing Characters in Photoshop
SECTION 07. Creating an Attractive Character Body

30. A Little Study of the Human Body to Create a Stylized Character

  1. Step-By-Step Body Sculpting

31. Sculpting

  1. Sculpting Your Own Attractive Character Body

32. Retopology

  1. Retopology

33. Texture Painting

  1. Character Texture Painting
SECTION 08. Making the Little Mermaid

34. Sculpting

  1. Creating a Face
  2. Building the Body

35. Retopology

  1. Retopology

36. Texture Painting

  1. Character Texture Painting

37. Rigging

  1. Learn How to Easily Rig Your Character

38. Various Modeling Using Curve

  1. Making a Character Head
  2. Creating Various Items Using Curve

39. Rendering

  1. Rendering Multiple Angle Views
  2. Editing Characters in Photoshop
SECTION 09. Raise Character Quality

40. Blender Addon to Increase Character Quality and Speed

  1. Different Sites to Buy and How to Buy
  2. Eye Designer and Auto Eye
  3. Hair tool

41. Texture/Object to Increase Character Quality

  1. Eyebrow pack, Eyelashe pack
  2. Lips Texture
  3. Free Modeling Files

* Curriculum details may change before or after the video is released.

with 3D Character Artist Minjeong Shin

Background images
Who Is This Course Suitable For?

I recommend it to 2D artists who want to recreate their characters in 3D, and those who are interested in 3D and want to create 3D characters as a hobby. If you start for self-development, or a small hobby and not for employment, I think it is a good opportunity to enjoy wonderful results and a sense of accomplishment.

What Are the Characteristics of
Your Work That Only You Have?

I tend to put a lot of effort into modeling, but I also try to make the character's charm stand out as much as possible when I post-edit in Photoshop. Creating a character, this modeling process is the most important part, but the quality can improve by filling in the missing parts in the post-production. In the class, we will tell you in detail how to do post-editing to make the other details stand out.

What Is the Most Important Thing to You When Working?

As a 3D character artist, I think the most important ability is sculpting. Basic sculpting must be good in order to produce quality characters. So, in this course, we prepared a fun and easy way to learn through step-by-step examples so that you can become familiar with the function of sculpting.

What Is Something That You Want People to Take Out from Your Course?

Most importantly, you can understand the overall production process for creating 3D characters, as well as the basic usages of Blender, and features for creating characters with Blender. When I first started self-studying, the most difficult part was the overall production process of character creation. However, in this course, I think that you will be able to easily understand the flow of the overall production process of the character and obtain satisfactory results by making the character yourself.

Required Programs

This course is conducted with Wacom Intuos,
Adobe Photoshop CC, and Blender programs;
please purchase and install the program's
latest version for an optimized learning experience.

Blender 2.92
- Blender 2.92 can be downloaded directly from the Blender website.
- Various versions of Blender can be downloaded through this link. (
Wacom Intuos can be replaced with a tablet.

* These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the course.

blender photoshop

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