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Class Intro
3DCG Creator, Hiroshi Kanazawa

"Blender is all you need!
High-quality, VFX Animation Production"

Find out everything you need to know about
the 3D animation production workflow,
starting with the key functions of Blender, VFX,
and filters that are used to add color.

You'll discover the structure behind
different effects and get tips
for combining different materials
in a scene to capture the production quality
seen in 2D and 3D movies.

Japanese 3DCG Creator Hiroshi Kanazawa
is ready to take you through every step
of the learning process.


  Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 21 videos
(Duration 11h 55m)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

 Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: Japanese
Subtitles: English

 Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

(version 3.1 or higher)

 Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

Number of works: 10
Texture file: 4
Modeling data: 1
Reference materials: 6

Expert 3DCG Creator
Hiroshi Kanazawa's Profile & Portfolio

Why Take This Class?

Kanazawa, who has worked on
a wide range of visual productions,
including movies and music videos,
will provide a thorough look into not only the basics
of the free 3D software "Blender," but also
the animation production workflow and
various forms of expression, including
effects and filters for coloring animations.

In this course, the workflow for creating animations
will be explained step by step,
placing special emphasis on how to add effects,
with explanations given in simple terms
so even Blender beginners will be able to
easily grasp the workflow of 3D visual production.

Also, by going through the exercises and getting to know
the concepts and their application to Nodes
you will acquire the insights needed to
cut down on working time to create your own
high-quality 2D/3D work with Blender.

background images

10 Class Exercises

Completed Sample

*These are sample images for better understanding.


Hiroshi Kanazawa
3DCG Creator

Hi I'm Hiroshi Kanazawa
a 3DCG Creator.

I work mainly on visual production using
Blender3D for movies, promotional videos,
and music videos, and am also involved in
independent productions for social media.

For many years, I worked as a designer in
production companies and design offices,
but my fascination with 3D animation led me
to work in the visual production industry.
One of my strengths is in cel shading, and
I spend my days working hard to produce
different forms of expression.

I'm looking forward to sharing with you all
the insights I have acquired during
my explorations. Best of luck!

Background Images
Coloso Hiroshi Kanazawa
3DCG Creator,
Hiroshi Kanazawa

3DCG Creator, Graphic Designer

Projects & Awards

"TANG TANG" animated movie
"Fisher's Quest" opening credits animation
"Tsumogi Bako - Section 2" Promotional video effects
"Diorama - Koko wa Wonderland" music video animation
"FRIDAY KIDS CHINA TOWN - Nishina" music video CG
"Showa Centennial Exhibition" GALLERY, and more


Class Highlights

Blender Basics & Versatile Node Configuration Techniques

After getting to grips with Blender, you can learn how to express yourself using nodes in a way that takes you beyond simple modeling. At first glance, the node system may seem difficult and is often avoided by beginners. However, we will explain it in an easy-to-understand manner, making sure you understand the main points, and teach you how to express yourself in various ways by mastering the basic configuration.

Coloso Hiroshi Kanazawa Introduction

Effect Expressions Created
Using Blender’s Various Features

Blender has so many features that it is difficult to master them all. Making use of the tools available, you will learn to effectively use dynamic and practical expressions such as modifiers and physical operators in effect production, adding highly useful expressions to your portfolio."

Coloso Hiroshi Kanazawa Introduction

Acquire the Skills to
Create Your Own Animations

In this course, you will learn the production process for creating high-quality animation works. We will share our know-how on topics from item arrangement and animation, to compositing and rendering."

Coloso Hiroshi Kanazawa Introduction

Class Details
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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Introduction

01. Introduction

  1. About this course
  2. Introduction to the curriculum
SECTION 02. The Basics

02. The Foundations of 3D Design

  1. The foundations of 3D design
  2. Object component elements
  3. Materials, normals, weights

03. Basic Explanation of Tools

  1. How to view and use the screen
  2. Basic operation
  3. Initial settings

04. Creating and Outputting a Model

  1. Simple modeling
  2. Frequently used modifiers
  3. From Workflow to Output
SECTION 03. Expression Using Material Nodes

05. Materials and Nodes

  1. About material nodes
  2. Photorealism and cel shading

06. Texture and UV

  1. Image textures
  2. Texture coordinates and mapping
  3. UV deployment

07. Procedural Patterns

  1. Basic node configuration
  2. Procedural textures
  3. Various patterns

08. Texture Animation

  1. Adding keyframes to nodes
  2. Text animation using textures

09. Material Effects: Creating Effect Materials

  1. Combinations and movements

10. World Settings

  1. HDR background
  2. Creating a starry sky with nodes
SECTION 04. Using Various Features

11. Useful Modifiers

  1. The Displace modifier
  2. Modifiers that can be used
  3. Lightning and flames

12. Particles

  1. Particle systems
  2. Manipulating particle flows

13. Physics Simulation

  1. Random decomposition of objects
  2. Rigid Body World
  3. Object collision and destruction

14. Random Arrangement of Objects

  1. How to use the versatile Geometry node

15. 2D VFX

  1. Cel-shaded explosion expression
  2. Clouds emerging from the smoke of an explosion
SECTION 05. Combining Materials to Add Finishing Touches

16. Scene and View Layers

  1. Uses for View layers
  2. How to use scenes

17. Making an Anime-Style Movie

  1. Anime-style materials
  2. Layout
  3. Character and camera animation

18. Arrangement of Materials

  1. Collection separation and parent-child relationships
  2. Arrangement of background objects
  3. Alembic coding and import

19. Adjusting Animation

  1. Animation
  2. Graph editor

20. Effects and Finishing Touches

  1. Adding effects
  2. Explosion effects
  3. Camera shake

21. Composite Nodes and Rendering

  1. Composite nodes
  2. Rendering

Interview with
3DCG creator, Hiroshi Kanazawa

background images
What do you think are the most difficult areas for learners in this field, and how can this course help them overcome them?

It's my impression that, when first starting out in 3D, many people only end up adding textures and animations. To produce your own complete work, you need to use many different features. However, mastering all of Blender's features requires a great deal of knowledge and time.
Through this course, you'll learn how to apply these techniques to your own original work by focusing on learning features and expressions using examples.

What are the most important points to
keep in mind for 3DCG expression?

Whether working in 3D, 2D, or animation, the key is to create a single image that is truly captivating. How do color, composition, movement, and various other elements overlap to create a comprehensive look? It is very difficult to be objective about any work you have created yourself. However, I think it is important to look at your own work with a critical eye, because unless you personally believe your work is good, it will be hard to convey how good it is to others.

When you create a 3DCG work, which area of the work do you focus on the most? And what are some of the skills you use to express these?

Since I create a lot of animations, I still put the most effort into creating each and every frame of movement until I am satisfied with them. I believe that the accumulation of such details, even in areas that may not be noticed at first glance, is the key to creating something that I will be satisfied with in the end. In terms of my animation skills, I look at a wide variety of works, and I capture the scenes that make me gasp and watch them again and again. I always try to be aware of what is good so that I can use it in my own works.

Please tell us about the marketability of the 3DCG field and its future prospects.

The number of Blender users have grown rapidly in recent years, and we believe that demand for Blender will continue to grow in the future. As we have received numerous job consultations, we often hear people say that "there are many people who can use 3D, but it is difficult to find someone who can create a single animation or effect." There is a wide variety of fields in the 3D world, but I feel that there is demand for "generalists" who can handle all aspects of 3D design in a comprehensive manner.

Required Programs

This class uses Blender. For an optimal learning experience,
please install version 3.1 or higher.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.


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