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Creating Surreal Dreamworlds with Cinema 4D & Octane

3D Artist, Timo Helgert

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Class Intro
3D Artist, Timo Helgert

Coloso Timo Helgert Creating Surreal Dreamworlds with Cinema 4D & Octane

"Discover how to build and animate
everything from the tiniest elements
to an entire beautifully crafted scene."

Want to take your work to the next level?
Embark on an insightful journey with Timo Helgert
as he guides you through the surreal world of art
and helps you reach beyond your creative limits!

Get to know everything from basic 3D tools,
useful theories, and setting up scenes
to fully animating them so you can bring
your surreal dream worlds to life.
You'll even learn how to create
your very own unique assets!


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Length: 30 videos
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

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Video Details

Audio: English
Subtitles: English

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Software Required

Latest versions of:
Cinema 4D
Octane Render
After Effects
Red Giants Plugin
(Particular, etc.)

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Expert 3D Artist
Timo Helgert's Profile & Portfolio


Timo Helgert
3D Artist

Hi! My name is Timo Helgert,
and I am a German artist best known
for my virtual installations.

I love creating inspiring escapist art
using digital techniques like
augmented reality and 3D design.

So far, my work has been featured in
Forbes, ELLE Magazine, Mercedes Benz,
Fashion Week, Facebook, and many more!

My passion for digital art and
my motivation to create mostly comes from
the meaningful interactions I have with my audience.
I enjoy inviting my audience to engage
with my work and the new techniques
I experiment with in my art.

My goal is to create escapist art
that inspires a bit of extra hope and peace
to those living in a busy world.

backgound images
Coloso Timo Helgert
3D Artist
Timo Helgert

Founder & Creative Director of Vacades

Projects & Awards

La Poem "The War" Album Cover - 2022
Mandarin Oriental Dubai Brand Visual Identitiy Collaboration - 2022
Annabel's London Teaser - 2022
HONOR AR Experience Showcase - 2022
Amazon "The Rings of Power" Video - 2022
Vogue Taiwan Cover and Website Designs - 2022
SOHO House Paris Digital Art Show - 2022
VIVO S15 CG Loop Displays - 2022
Vacheron Constantin Product Movie - 2022
CHOA "Yesterday" MV - 2022
Blackdove & Superrare Exhibition - 2022
Jannabi & Han Young Ae "Until I Love" MV - 2022
"Chronicle" Album Cover - 2022
KOCCA Billboard Deisgn & Wall Installations - 2021
Burberry "History of Exploration" Collaboration - 2019

The Return Of Nature - Elle Decor
RED Valentino Collaboration - LOfficiel Italia
PUMA Collaboration - Highsnobiety
Interview with Highsnobiety
RED Valentino - Rolling Stone
Collaboration with Burberry
Timo Helgert on W1Curates


12 Class Exercises


Class Highlights

Create a Surreal Scene with C4D

What you can do with Cinema4D is unreal and limitless. Learn to build and animate everything from the smallest elements to an entire scene and bring surreal scenes from your dreams to life.

Coloso Timo Helgert Introduction

Learn After Effects Magic

After Effects is like magic powder. Adding just a pinch will make your scene much more aesthetic. By the end of this class, you'll be able to use After Effects to composite and create exciting transitions of your own.

Coloso Timo Helgert Introduction

Engage with Your Audience

Learn new ways to engage with your audience because, in the end, that's what art is all about. This class will help you communicate better with them and step up your game as a 3D artist.

Coloso Timo Helgert Introduction

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In-depth Look


01. Orientation & Intro

  1. Introducing your instructor
  2. What you will learn
  3. Helpful websites and software
SECTION 02. Artwork Theory

02. Review Various Methods

  1. Breaking down previous artwork
  2. Going over composition
  3. Importance of creating contrast
  4. Key learning points

03. Stock Photography & Asset Guide

  1. Finding stock photos
  2. Identifying photo difficulty
  3. 3D model & plugin guide
  4. My favorite sites for finding assets
  5. Quick summary of the assets we'll be using
SECTION 03. Turning a Photo into a 3D Model

04. Introducing Camera Projection

  1. Introduction to camera projection + examples
  2. Benefits of this technique
  3. Limitations of this technique
  4. Understanding important findings

05. Photo Preparation & Layers in Photoshop

  1. Cleaning up photos in Photoshop
  2. Creating layers for mapping
  3. Exporting + Naming
  4. Alpha masks

06. Photo Mapping in C4D & Baking in Octane

  1. Setting up the file
  2. Camera matching
  3. Creating a basic model
  4. Texture mapping in Octane
SECTION 04. Adding Nature to a Scene

07. Creating Grass in C4D

  1. Creating our own grass texture
  2. Creating and customizing a grass patch
  3. Using Octane to create a grass field

08. Creating Flowers in C4D

  1. Creating our own flower texture
  2. Creating and customizing a flower patch
  3. Using Octane to create a flower field

09. Animating Flowers in C4D

  1. Setting up mograph
  2. Setting up effectors
  3. Animating & baking flowers
SECTION 05. Making Nature Grow Naturally

10. Preparing Growth Materials in After Effects

  1. Why we need a growth map
  2. Creating a growth map in AE
  3. Customizing by adding turbulence

11. Comparing Different Options in C4D

  1. Creating a growth map in Cinema 4D via shaders
  2. Comparing options & when to use which

12. Creating a Background Flower Scene

  1. Setting up a scene
  2. Lighting a Scene
  3. Exploring options
SECTION 06. Creating "The Return of Nature"

13. Creating a Station Overgrown with Nature

  1. Setting up a file
  2. Creating nature
  3. Lighting and adding final touches

14. Creating an Abstract Nature Scene

  1. Modeling the scene
  2. Adding nature
  3. Lighting and adding final touches
SECTION 07. Actionable Scenes

15. Enhancing Portraits with Nature

  1. Preparing a portrait in Photoshop
  2. Creating a nature-overgrown portrait in C4D
  3. Adding a giant snake

16. Creating a Nature Landscape with Quixel

  1. Geometry modeling
  2. Using Quixel assets to create nature
  3. Using Photoshop to finalize the composition

17. Making Nature Grow on Faces

  1. Preparing and tracking footage in After Effects
  2. Setting up files in C4D
  3. Overview of setting up After Effects
SECTION 08. Compositing a Scene

18. Octane Render Settings for Faster Rendering

  1. Quick rundown of Octane render settings
  2. How to slightly speed up your rendering process

19. Cinema 4D Camera To After Effects

  1. Exporting Cinema 4D scenes
  2. Importing C4D scenes into After Effects

20. Multipass Rendering

  1. Setting it up in Octane
  2. Setting up layer ID
  3. Rendering different channels

21. Color Correction Methods for Nature

  1. How I color correct my nature
  2. Why I always use vignette
  3. How to make nature "pop"
  4. The sky's importance when color correcting nature
SECTION 09. Adding More Life to a Video

22. Creating Butterflies in After Effects & Cinema 4D

  1. Creating a basic butterfly in After Effects
  2. Animating a butterfly with expressions
  3. Creating multiple butterflies
  4. Using Red Giant to create swarms of butterflies

23. Adding Glowing Magical Particles to a Scene

  1. Setting up particles with Red Giant Particular
  2. What to do if you don't have Particular
  3. Enhancing particles with layers + fog
  4. Blending modes + simple color correction methods

24. Lens Flares, Animated Skies, & More

  1. How to create a simple lens burn effect
  2. How to use layers to create automated lens flares
  3. How to replace the sky
  4. How to animate clouds
SECTION 10. Preparing Nature Portal Effects

25. Creating a Portal & Fitting it into a Scene

  1. Making a rough portal frame
  2. Adding the portal frame to our Scene

26. Setting Up and Animating the Camera & Scenes

  1. Animating the camera
  2. Animating the portal
  3. Setting up a mask for the portal
SECTION 11. Creating a Snap Effect

27. Creating a Snap Effect

  1. Recording the footage
  2. Preparing the 3D scene
  3. Compositing the snap in After Effects
SECTION 12. Compositing a Portal

28. Compositing Transitions with After Effects

  1. Importing the renders
  2. Compositing the portal

29. Using Trapcode Particular to Smoothen Transitions

  1. Creating particles growing out of the portal
  2. Matching particles to the position
  3. Animating particles

30. Using Time Remapping to Enhance Transitions

  1. Why time remapping matters for transitions
  2. Setting up the main comp
  3. Setting up time remapping
  4. How to edit keyframe splines

*The release date of this class, curriculum images, and associated content can be changed without prior notice.

With Expert 3D Artist
Timo Helgert

background images
Is there a specific reason why you chose this specific topic/themes?

While exploring escapism over the last 3 years, I found myself and my art drawn in by this theme. Since then, I've collaborated with hundreds of clients and acquired in-depth knowledge about the topic, which I am happy to share with you all. These insights will help students create dream worlds of their own. I want to share unusual techniques, such as camera mapping and displacement, to create detailed and complex scenes, then go over how to fill them with nature or other surreal elements. I'll also be going over tips for taking all this and making it more magical by compositing in After Effects, so students can share a beautifully-crafted, surreal world on Instagram and TikTok.

Could you please share how you started your journey in the industry?

When starting my art journey at the age of 13, I made a bet with my father, who said that if I received a certain grade in school, he would buy me Cinema 4D. That year, I worked hard to win the bet and earn myself C4D. After that, my friends and I started making short films and uploaded them to Youtube. We wanted to add visual effects like the ones we saw in our favorite movies, so we started copying those effects one by one. Shortly after, I started getting emails from actual agencies. They wanted me to create VFX for their movies. At 15, I saw my VFX work at the local cinema. I felt a range of emotions when I took my father to the cinema, showed him my CGI airplanes, and proved him wrong about my passion for design. From then on, I began working in the movie industry. I later worked as a creative director in the music industry with brands like Universal Music and Warner Music.

Please share your thoughts on the industry's job market and what you see in the industry's future.

After living through the COVID pandemic, we can all see the growing trend of working from home. Many businesses are going fully digital and are relying heavily on social media as their major branding platforms. If you are an artist, I would say this is a great opportunity to look at other artists’ work and learn from what they’ve created by looking at their workflow, style, and techniques and using them as references for creating your own style. Learn from others, stand out from the crowd, and build a career as a freelancer in design.

Required Programs

This course will use the latest version of Cinema 4D, Octane Render, Photoshop, After Effects, Red Giants Plugins such as Particular.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.

Cinema 4D Octane Render After Effects Photoshop Red Giants Plugins

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