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Class Intro
3D Artist, Sangwoo Park

Cartoon Rendering has taken place as a general trend
in the video and game industry for its appealing looks,
bringing 2D illustrations to life!

Learn from a curriculum that teaches
the whole process from the basics of Blender
to basic character modeling, toon shading
and rendering through 4 types
of high-quality examples.

Coloso Sangwoo Park Intro to 3D Cartoon Rendering with Blender

For those illustrators who wish to show
their characters in 3D and artists who want to
produce exceptional cartoon rendering results,
check out the secrets of cartoon rendering
from the class of expert Sangwoo Park!


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 21 videos
(Duration 29h 7m)
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

Blender 3.0.1

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

- Original Blender Files (each chapter)
- Base Mesh Modeling
- Concept Image used in the class

Expert 3D Artist
Sangwoo Park's Profile & Portfolio


Sangwoo Park
3D Artist

Hello, I'm a 3D artist Sangwoo Park.

I've mainly been working on
modeling, texture, and shading
in the animation industry.

Previously I have worked on different styles
such as children animation,
PBR, stop motion, etc
and currently I'm working
as an Asset Director
on cartoon rendering
and stylizing at Studio Mir.

I have also experienced lots of difficulties
trying to translate foreign resources
for my studies on cartoon rendering,
In this class, I will share with you
the knowledge and skills I've obtained
working as a modeler
for "DOTA" and "The Witcher"
using a very useful program called Blender.

Background Images
Coloso Sangwoo Park
3D Artist,
Sangwoo Park

Studio MIR - Asset Director

Projects & Awards

Sevensloth Studio - 3D General Artist
ROIvisual - 3D Build team Artist

Studio MIR
- Netflix : DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 1, 2, 3
- Netflix : The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf Sevensloth Studio
- Netflix : Lookism
- DC animation : Batman and Superman : Battle of the Super Sons
- KBS : Slow Slow Sloth Neul ROIvisual
- EBS : Robocar Poli


15 Class Exercises

Part 1. Prop (Chair)

Sangwoo Park Class Exercises


Sangwoo Park Class Exercises

Toon Shading

Sangwoo Park Class Exercises

Add Shading

Part 2. Style A (Figure Style)

Sangwoo Park Class Exercises

Modeling & Wireframe

Sangwoo Park Class Exercises

Toon Shading

Sangwoo Park Class Exercises

Add Shading

Part 3. Style B (Game Style)

Sangwoo Park Class Exercises

Modeling & Wireframe

Sangwoo Park Class Exercises

Toon Shading

Sangwoo Park Class Exercises

Add Shading

Part 4. Style C (Animation Style)

Sangwoo Park Class Exercises

Modeling & Wireframe

Sangwoo Park Class Exercises


Sangwoo Park Class Exercises


Sangwoo Park Class Exercises

Compositing: Day

Sangwoo Park Class Exercises

Compositing: Night

Sangwoo Park Class Exercises

Compositing: Sunset


Class Highlights

Practical Know-hows on 3D Rendering That Brings an Eye-Catching Concept Art to Life

The ultimate purpose of cartoon rendering is to make an eye-catching 2D concept art into 3D as is! Learn to create a cartoon-type 3D character with an illustration by learning about the basic theory of 3D cartoon rendering theory and practicing through the exercises provided.

Coloso Sangwoo Park Introduction

Learn the Whole Process of Character Modeling Using Blender

You can make as many characters as you want without an external tool that is costly and difficult! Learn the whole process of character creation from modeling to texturing, shading, rigging, rendering, and even compositing with a free 3D tool, Blender.

Coloso Sangwoo Park Introduction

Create Various Styles Using the Modeling Application Method

Learn about modeling application methods through 4 high-quality examples that will help you model characters in 3D with different concepts and styles in various fields such as figures, games, animation, etc.

Coloso Sangwoo Park Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

Sangwoo Park's Class
Recommended by Experts in the Field

(자동 구성) 가격이 인상됩니다.

지금이 최저가!

In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Basics of Cartoon Rendering

01. Orientation

  1. Introduction to the instructor
  2. Class overview and explanation of cartoon rendering theory

02. Basics of Blender

  1. Description of Blender UI and basic features

03. Basics of Modeling in Blender

  1. Basic features of Blender modeling
  2. How to look at a character sheet using references
SECTION 02. Basics of Creating a Cartoon Rendering Modeling

04. Basics of Cartoon Rendering in Blender

  1. Modeling
  2. LineArt
  3. Texture
  4. Shader node
SECTION 03. Creating Props

05. Creating a Simple Chair

  1. Modeling a chair
  2. Applying LineArt
  3. Shading
SECTION 04. Style A: Creating a Character Figure

06. Head & Hair Modeling

  1. Character head retopology basics
  2. Making a character's head
  3. Making a character's eyes and eyebrows
  4. Making a character's hair

07. Texturing & Shading

  1. Applying character texturing and shading
SECTION 05. Style B: Creating a Game Character

08. Head & Hair Modeling

  1. Making the head, eyes, and eyebrows
  2. Making the character's hair

09. Texturing & Shading

  1. Applying character texturing and shading
SECTION 06. Style C: Creating an Animation Character

10. Understanding the Concept Sheet & Modeling the Human Body

  1. How to understand a character sheet
  2. Understanding human body formation and anatomy points

11. Head & Hair Modeling Part 1

  1. Making the head, eyes, and eyebrows

12. Head & Hair Modeling Part 2

  1. Making hair

13. Head & Hair Modeling Part 3

  1. Arranging the vertex and wires

14. Full Body Modeling

  1. Full body character modeling

15. Costume Modeling

  1. Costume modeling
  2. Accessory modeling

16. Texturing & Shading

  1. Distribute UV with unwrap UV
  2. Shader settings
  3. Correcting a normal using texturing, data transfer
SECTION 07. Rigging/Rendering/Compositing

17. Creating the Body & Facial Rigging

  1. Rigging using AutoRigPro

18. Rendering

  1. Basic description of Blender rendering
  2. Character turntable setting

19. Compositing

  1. Compositing using Blender compositor
SECTION 08. Another Way to Express and Finish up

20. Line Settings Used in Games and Other Platforms

  1. Line producing method using solidify and outline_addon

21. Finishing Up Cartoon Rendering

  1. Connecting AutoRigPro and Mixamo
  2. Essential elements for a better cartoon rendering modeling

with 3D Artist Sangwoo Park

Background Images
How's the marketability of 3D cartoon rendering?

In an era when a lot of content is overflowing like now, it is not easy to continuously create new IPs. So, there are more cases of creating content by processing existing popular IPs that have a 2D illustration look such as cartoons and animations. As games and 3D animations of this style continue to be created and popular, cartoon renderings are meeting more and more demanding audiences.

Which part is the most difficult for students who are just starting cartoon rendering?

Cartoon renderings look simple, but it requires anatomical elements just like live-action. It is also important to create a pretty look from a variety of angles, not just one specific angle. A good look can come out when you look at it with a 2D feeling rather than emphasizing the realistic feeling of 3D, which many artists find difficult to do.

What is the point that differentiates this class from another?

This class is one of the very few classes that is actually being used and applied in the animation market. In this class, you can learn the whole animation production process using just one tool, Blender. As you understand the whole work process of Blender, you can learn the skills applicable in your current work process or when using a different program.

Required Programs

This class is taught on Blender 3.0.1 version.
Please install the above program version(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*Using a tablet is recommended in the texturing step, but it is not a requirement for the class.
*Auto-Rig pro is used in the rigging section, and it can be purchased in the Blender Market.
*Programs and/or materials will not be provided.
* Later versions than Blender 3.01 can also be used.

Blender Download Link
Auto-Rig Pro (Full) Purchase Link

EdgeFlow add-on
Outline Helper add-on


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