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Marvelous Designer for Motion Graphic Designers

3D Artist, Hyunsup Ahn

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Class Intro
3D Artist, Hyunsup Ahn

Did you think Marvelous Designer
was only used to express garment texture?
As long as you get the basics
down to maneuver the tool,
Marvelous Designer can be implemented to create
various fabric modeling and motion
more efficiently and realistically
than any other 3D tool in the world!

Coloso Hyunsup Ahn

Upgrade your motion graphic skills to more than
a few levels with the class of 3D artist Hyunsup Ahn.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 20 videos
Difficulty: Basic
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

Marvelous Designer 9.5 (ver.8 of above)
Cinema 4D
Octane Render

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

C4D project files
JPG/PNG files
Texture files (PDF)
Class exercises

Expert 3D Artist
Hyunsup Ahn's Profile & Portfolio

Coloso Hyunsup Ahn
Coloso Hyunsup Ahn
Coloso Hyunsup Ahn
Coloso Hyunsup Ahn
Coloso Hyunsup Ahn
Coloso Hyunsup Ahn

Hyunsup Ahn
3D Artist

Hello, this is 3D Artist Hyunsup Ahn.

Previously, I was in charge of VFX
modeling for companies such as Locus and Giant Steps,
and currently I'm working as a freelancer
on team 8ight specializing in
modeling and motion graphics.

I started actively using the program,
Marvelous Designer to create realistic garments
while participating in a project
with the best experts in Korea called Dreaveler,
as an entry for the 2018 PAUSE Festival.

Afterwards, I received an official certification
as a Marvelous Designer Evangelist
from the production company.

Background images
Coloso Hyunsup Ahn
3D Artist,
Hyunsup Ahn

Modeling and Motion Graphic Freelancer at TEAM 8IGHT

Projects & Awards

Assistant Manager and Modeling Artist at LOCUS
VFX Artist
Game Cinematic Team
Staff and VFX Team Modeling Artist at GIANTSTEP
Chosen as the Design Evangelist by Marvelous Designer
‘DREAVELER’ (2018 PAUSE Festival) Main Character Design & Modeling
Lineage 2: Revolution - Orc Cinematic Trailer_main Orc Character Modeling
Lineage 2: Revolution / Astellia / Onmyoji: Orochi episode, Tera. M
and participated in modeling other characters (face, armor, hair, garment), backgrounds, and weapons for Game Cinematic Trailer
Participated in the production of Lotte Cinema Leader Film
Participated in the production of J.Balvin Azul Official Animated Video with the character modeling of J.Balvin
Created 3D model products for GENTLE MONSTER Artwork

[Music Videos]
Participated in the production of 3D scenes for Korean artists' music videos
IU - Strawberry Moon
ASTRO - Knock
IZ*ONE - Secret Story of the Swan
And more


Class Highlights

A to Z of the Work Process
Using Marvelous Designer

It's okay to be using Marvelous Designer for the first time! I will share everything you need to know as a motion graphic designer, including the overall process of using Marvelous Designer, from UI settings of tools to C4D interlocking methods, and tips for rendering used in practical work.

Coloso Hyunsup Ahn Introduction

Various Ways to Apply
Fabric Modeling and Motion

Learn everything from creating garments to implementing detailed textures to pillows, blankets, curtains, and airballs, and natural movements by adjusting gravity and wind values.

Coloso Hyunsup Ahn Introduction

Practice with Files & Exercises Provided by an Expert

Use the 3 scene files, a dedicated T character, and garment modeling provided with the class to make the curriculum and the result your very own.

Coloso Hyunsup Ahn Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

*These are example images for better understanding.

Final Result
Preview Class Examples

Example 01: Air Ball

Adjust the air pressure, wind, and gravity inside the object to make the animation more realistic.

Example 02: Flying Fabric

Make the motion smoother by simulating the strength and position of the wind.

Example 03: Cloth

Apply the unique process of artist Hyunsup Ahn to your work including the wire works, Alembic files, and other efficient tools to create more realistic garments.

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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Overview

01. Orientation

  1. Introducing 3D Artist, Hyunsup Ahn
  2. Why Motion Graphic Artists need Marvelous Designer
SECTION 02. Basics of Marvelous Designer

02. Taking a Look at Marvelous Designer

  1. Understanding Basic UI and work process
  2. Understanding frequently used keyboard shortcuts

03. Physical Property to Create Fabric Folds

  1. How to use the Physical Property preset function
  2. Adjusting various values to alter the fabric folds and texture

04. Creating a Flag and Wind Simulation

  1. Analyze motions that vary depending on the type & strength of wind

05. Creating Detailed Motion using Alembic Files

  1. Using external 3D tools to add detailed motion
  2. How to save animations created in Cinema 4D as Alembic files, and importing them as Marvelous Designer
SECTION 03. Exercise 1: Air Ball

06. Understanding the Pressure Function

  1. Learning how to adjust the air pressure value inside an object when creating padding jumpers and compression bags

07. Applying Detailed Motion in an Air Ball

  1. Apply animation by adjusting the wind, gravity, etc
  2. How to export as an Alembic file and open it in Cinema 4D

08. Analyzing Exercise 1: Scene File

  1. Import to Cinema 4D and explain texture controls, lighting, camera movement, etc
SECTION 04. Exercise 2: Flying Fabric

09. Creating Detailed Cloth Animation

  1. Understanding AOV (Multipass)
  2. Creating animated curtains blowing in the wind
  3. Practical tips for applying natural motion & movement

10. Cloth Animation using the Wind Key

  1. Simulating after adjusting the wind strength, position, etc
  2. Implementing smoother motion
  3. Applying slow motion and recording animation

11. Analyzing Exercise 2: Scene File

  1. Configuring the final scene through lighting and texture settings, then proceeding with rendering
SECTION 05. Exercise 3: BedRoom

12. Modeling Beddings 1: Pillows and Detailed Folds

  1. Modeling-oriented examples that emphasize realism
  2. Expressing wrinkles that change depending on the arrangement of bedding

13. Modeling Beddings 2: Duvets and Curtains

  1. Based on what you learned in lesson 12, learn how to express beddings other than pillows such as the folds of curtains and duvets

14. Creating a Realistic Fabric Material using the Fabric Texture

  1. Expressing Cinema 4D texture material
  2. Learn about not only the lighting effect but also the effect of blocking & adjusting the light on the wall.

15. Analyzing Exercise 3 Scene File

  1. Creating a Fabric Shader
  2. Learn about not only the lighting effect but also the effect of blocking/adjusting the light on the wall.
SECTION 06. Creating Garments

16. Creating Garments using Marvelous Designer 1

  1. Skim through the process required to create costumes
  2. Applying character rigs and animations using the site 'Mixamo'

17. Creating Garments using Marvelous Designer 2

  1. Importing a character and dressing it up
  2. Recording the animation process and extracting it as an Alembic file

18. Adding Details and Retopology to Garment

  1. Developing modeling by tidying up wireframes

19. Final Garment Modeling Simulation & Wrap-Up 1

  1. How to import and simulate modeling created with an external 3D tool, on Marvelous Designer

20. Final Garment Modeling Simulation & Wrap-Up 2

  1. How to export the animated garment from Marvelous Designer to Cinema 4D, and sync the final garment modeling
  2. Rendering process using Octane Render

with 3D Artist Hyunsup Ahn

Background images
What are the benefits of Marvelous Designer?

When using Marvelous Designer materials can be expressed quickly and accurately. This can indeed be implemented on other 3D tools like Cinema 4D, but I can affirm that they are not as efficient as Marvelous Designer. As a lightweight program with a speedy system, Marvelous Designer has the advantage of being able to perform more simulations and tests throughout the work process.

What motivated you to
create this class?

As a motion designer using Marvelous Designer, I realized that I could express not only characters but also various materials such as cloth, curtains, and plastic bags with this tool. So through this class, I wanted to emphasize that "Marvelous Designer is the answer to a realistic and efficient fabric modeling" and I made sure to organize the curriculum so that it's easily accessible and easy to follow.

What were some aspects you paid most attention to when arranging this curriculum?

I focused on including everything a motion graphic designer would need in this class. I organized a full stack curriculum from basic to utilization and included everything from source to costume production. You will learn how to use tools, model various fabric textures, and even learn the process of creating garments using Cinema 4D in sync with Marvelous Designer.

Who would you recommend
this class to?

I'd like to recommend this class to motion graphic designers who wish to further develop their skills and those who want to start studying about Marvelous Designer. You will learn how to maneuver the tools, how the garment production process works and the know-how to express realistic fabric materials.

Required Programs

This course will use Marvelous Designer 9.5, Cinema 4D, and Octane Render. Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*You can take this class using other programs aside from the programs mentioned above.
**These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the course.

Marvelous Designer Cinema 4D C4D Octane Render

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