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3D Artist, Alix Poirier

Coloso Alix Poirier Create an Isometric Scene That Tells a Story

Discover how to create your own universe
as you familiarize yourself with C4D.

This class will teach you everything you need
to create an original isometric scene,
from modeling and texturing up to the final render.

You'll learn the necessary first steps
for using C4D, familiarize yourself with modeling
by creating an entire scene in 3D,
and bring it all to life with light & color.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 10 videos
Difficulty: Beginner

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: English
Subtitles: English

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Software Required

Cinema 4D R26
Octane Renderer

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Working Files

Expert 3D Artist
Alix Poirier's Profile & Portfolio

Why Take This Class?

This class is perfect for those
who want to get to know
the core principles of 3D modeling
by finding out how to use new tools.
It'll also help you uncover the secrets
to workflow efficiency
used by real experts in the industry.

If you've been searching for a class
that'll guide you through getting started
with C4D and Octane, then this is the class
you've been searching for,
so don't miss out!

Take the first step toward achieving
your 3D goals alongside
an experienced professional
in the field of 3D art.

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7 Class Exercises

Alix Poirier Class Exercises

Introduction to C4D & Octane

Alix Poirier Class Exercises

Asset Creation

Alix Poirier Class Exercises

Create a Set

Alix Poirier Class Exercises

Add Details & Arrange Composition

Alix Poirier Class Exercises

Create a Character

Alix Poirier Class Exercises

Texture a Scene with Octane

Alix Poirier Class Exercises

Octane Lighting & Rendering


Alix Poirier
3D Artist

Hello, I am a French 3D graphic designer
based in Tokyo. I am currently working
as a 3D designer in the creative agency Utrasupernew
in Tokyo, but I also work as a freelancer.

I majored in 3D and VFX at Rubika Supincom.
After an internship at Onesal studio in Tokyo,
where I discovered C4D,
I became more and more interested
in software and motion graphics.

I enjoy creating low poly scenes
with joyful characters living in them.
The ones I make for my personal
and professional work always have colorful palettes.

In this class, I will be sharing my creative process
so you will be able to learn how to create
a whimsical 3D set of cute characters
while discovering C4D modeling tools.
Let's jump straight into your own C4D journey!

Background Images
Coloso Alix Poirier
3D Artist
Alix Poirier

Ultrasupernew - 3D Designer
Freelance 3D Artist

Sota NFT project (2022)

Projects & Awards

Sense Art Exhibition (2021)


Class Highlights

Get a Beginner-Friendly Breakdown of C4D

Do Cinema4D and 3D-related vocabulary sound intimidating? Are you looking for a beginner-friendly class to help you navigate one of the most commonly used 3D software? This is the perfect class for your very first 3D adventure!

Coloso Alix Poirier Introduction

Create an Original Isometric Scene

If you are looking for a class to help you create aesthetic isometric scenes, this is the one for you. Throughout this class, we will go over everything you need to know about an isometric scene, from modeling and texturing to rendering.

Coloso Alix Poirier Introduction

Learn Everything You Need for a Scene

Share an original story with your audience through a scene! To create a captivating scene, we must add storytelling elements: like small props in the background or character facial expressions. This class will cover all the elements needed: the set, furniture, characters, and smaller props.

Coloso Alix Poirier Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn


In-depth Look


01. Orientation

  1. Introducing your instructor
  2. What you will learn
  3. Helpful websites and software
SECTION 02. Getting Started With Cinema 4D

02. Introduction to Cinema 4D and Its UI

  1. Introduction to Cinema 4D and its UI
  2. C4D settings & preferences
  3. Octane settings & preferences

03. Create Your First 3D Assets: Dressing

  1. Introducing modeling tools
  2. Learn modeling tools while making utensils

04. Create Your First 3D Assets: Sushi

  1. Practice some more by cooking up some sushi models
SECTION 03. Create Restaurant Artwork

05. Create the Structure of a Set

  1. Find out where to start with blocking
  2. Build a detailed structure

06. Create Details

  1. Create the furniture
  2. Add details to the set and work on the composition
  3. Add the previously created assets

07. Create a Character

  1. Build the basis for your character
  2. Model the character
  3. Add details
SECTION 04. Texture/Lighting Render in Octane

08. Texture a Set

  1. Quick explanation of texturing with Octane
  2. Create and apply textures to the scene
  3. Add texture to the character

09. Texture the Details & Character

  1. Quick overview of lighting with Octane
  2. Light the scene

10. Light & Render a Scene

  1. Quick overview of lighting and rendering with Octane
  2. Light and render the scene

*The release date of this class, curriculum images, and associated content can be changed without prior notice.

Interview with
Expert 3D Artist
Alix Poirier

Background Images
Is there a specific reason why you chose this specific topic/themes?

It's often an overwhelmingly difficult challenge to decide where to start when it comes to learning 3D. With this topic, I want to make the learning process easier and more fun by showing you how to create your own universe as you familiarize yourself with C4D.

Could you please share how you started your journey in the industry?

I have always been a creative person, even as a kid. I would always carry a sketchbook everywhere I went. I was fascinated by 3D animation, so I pursued this path at my university, where I studied 3D and VFX for 5 years. I learned C4D during an internship in Tokyo, where I took my first steps into motion graphics. That's when I began to discover more and more about motion graphics and 3D animation. Afterward, I was eager to improve my skills with this software. I continued to create various projects to help me learn as much about the software as possible. I posted my work on social media which allowed me to share my 3D journey and be part of a creative community. I am currently a 3D designer based in Tokyo who's also working as a freelancer.

Please share your thoughts on the industry's job market and what you see in the industry's future.

3D is a promising and resourceful market that keeps evolving for the better. 3D jobs are in high demand as the fields of 3D are diverse. You don't just have to stick to one area. It is considered a strength to seamlessly switch between different fields: from cartoons to motion graphics and even product design. If you add 3D to your set of skills, it will broaden your opportunities in the professional world. With the rise of new tools, virtual reality, and augmented reality, you can see how 3D technologies have evolved over the past decade. In the upcoming years, 3D will become more mainstream. The 3D market's future is everywhere, so the demand will continue to increase.

Required Programs

This course will use Cinema4D R26 and Octane Renderer
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the lecture.


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