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Class Intro
2D Animator, Jongha Yoon

After graduating from Gobelins, France,
2D animator Jongha Yoon went on
to collaborate with famous companies
such as Adobe and Riot Games,
and participated in the production of music videos
for BTS and Tomorrow by Together.

He is now ready to show you how
to create high-quality animations based on
calculations and theories,
so you don't have to rely solely on your senses.

Even just one well-animated character
can make your videos stand out!


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 20 videos
(7h 42m)
Difficulty: Beginner
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

26 Class materials

Expert 2D Animator
Jongha Yoon's Profile & Portfolio


Jongha Yoon
2D Animator

Hello, I'm Jongha Yoon, a 2D animator.

After graduating from Gobelins in Paris, France
I started working as a freelance 2D animator.

I worked on projects for BTS, Adobe,
Riot Games, and Ubisoft,
creating various styles of video
such as music videos and advertisements,
while working with a variety of studios
in the US, Europe, and Korea.

I will teach you how to create
natural movements based on thorough calculations
and knowledge of the laws of physics,
rather than simply relying on your senses or feelings.
Even those who have just been drawing
pictures and don't know much
will be able to follow along.

background images
Coloso Jongha Yoon
2D Animator
Jongha Yoon

Freelance Animator

Projects & Awards

Visual Animation, Konkuk University (2009 – 2016)
Gobelins, L’école de l’image Master of Arts – Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking (2016 – 2018)

[Major Domestic Projects]
BTS 'we are bulletproof: the eternal' music video
Tomorrow by Together 'The Night of the End' BT21 X Baby Shark music video
Brawl Stars Animation – Cherry Blossom Spike, Mecha Clash, Golden Arm Gang
Animation for movie Hitman

[Major International Projects]
Ubisoft – Brawlhalla Animation
Adobe – Lil Nas X
Riot Games – Take Over music video
Supercell, Netflix


26 Class Exercises

Part 1. Practice Exercises

Jongha Yoon Class Exercises

Walking Applications -
Movement of the Joints

Jongha Yoon Class Exercises

Running -
Basic Movement

Jongha Yoon Class Exercises

Running -
Cartoony Movement

Jongha Yoon Class Exercises


Jongha Yoon Class Exercises

Warmup Movement -
Light Movement

Jongha Yoon Class Exercises

Warmup Movement-
Two Consecutive Movements

Jongha Yoon Class Exercises

Finishing Movement -
Timing Difference between the Two Hands

Jongha Yoon Class Exercises

Finishing Movement -
Heavy Movement

Jongha Yoon Class Exercises

Follow-through - Cloak, Tail, Broom

Jongha Yoon Class Exercises

Follow-through - Fur, Ear

Jongha Yoon Class Exercises

Lead Animation Smear

Jongha Yoon Class Exercises

Fast Movement

Jongha Yoon Class Exercises

Quadrupedal Walking - Feline

Jongha Yoon Class Exercises

Quadrupedal Walking- Herbivores

Jongha Yoon Class Exercises

Quadrupedal Walking – Canine

Jongha Yoon Class Exercises

Scene Composition According to Camera Movement

Part 2. Practical Examples

Jongha Yoon Class Exercises
Action hero scene 1
Jongha Yoon Class Exercises
Action hero scene 2


Class Highlights

Get Collaboration Tips
Used For Trendy Animation

Animations are created through the collaboration among several people. Therefore, fast working speed and accurate shape maintenance are essential. Learn all the techniques such as consistent character design and movement that are important in collaborating with other departments.

Coloso Jongha Yoon Introduction

Incorporate Movement
That Fits Your Character

Depending on how you express the same behavior, the character's personality shows up differently. I will show you how to create a character that looks attractive by choosing the best movement that fits in the character's feature and situation. Especially in Lecture 20, I will show you in detail what movements animator Jongha Yoon chooses at work, so please look forward to it!

Coloso Jongha Yoon Introduction

Learn the Laws of Physics Necessary for Animation

Even if you are well intended in animation, your animation may look awkward if you don't use the laws of physics properly. Let's learn the essential laws of physics to create animations that maximize naturalness.

Coloso Jongha Yoon Introduction

Class Details
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In-depth Look

SECTION 01. Orientation

01. Orientation

  1. About the Author and Lecture
  2. A Brief Introduction to Animation
  3. A Must-Have for an Animator

02. Description of Tvpaint

  1. Pros and Cons of Tvp
  2. How to Use Simple Tools
SECTION 02. Basic Movement

03. Understanding Walking

  1. Movement of the Pelvis and Legs
  2. Movement of the Arm and Hand
  3. Introduction to Common Mistakes

    Example 1 - Walking
    Example 2 - Walking Application 1
    Example 3 - Walking Application 2

04. Basic Walking Practice

  1. Understand the Key Poses of Walking Movement
  2. Learn Walk Animation

05. Understanding and Practicing Running

  1. The Difference between Walking and Running
  2. Introduction of Various Ways to Express Running
  3. Running Animation Practice

    Example 4 - Running 1
    Example 5 - Running 2

06. Key Pose (Original Drawing)

  1. What Is a Key Pose (Original Drawing)?
  2. Good and Bad Examples of Key Pose
  3. Expression of Character’s Emotions

07. Character Turnaround

  1. About Character Turnaround
  2. Learning Character Volume
  3. Turnaround Practice

    Example 6 - Turnaround
SECTION 03. In-Depth Movement

08. Understanding the Readiness Posture (Anticipation)

  1. Why You Need the Readiness Posture
  2. Readiness Posture Depending on Situations

    Example 7 - Readiness Posture 1
    Example 8 - Readiness Posture 2
    Example 9 - Readiness Posture 3

09. Understanding the Finishing Posture

  1. The Need for a Finishing Posture
  2. Various Ways to Express the Finishing Posture
  3. Difference between Active and Passive

    Example 10 - Finishing Move 1
    Example 11 - Finishing Move 2
    Example 12 - Finishing Move 3
    Example 13 - Finishing Move 4

10. Practice on Preparatory and Finishing Postures

  1. Practice on Jumping Character Animation
  2. Learn Animation on Jumping and Landing

11. Movement and Practice of Objects (Hair, Fur, Clothes)

  1. Understand Object Movement
  2. Differences Due to Material
  3. Difference Due to Weight
  4. Difference Due to Length
  5. Catch the Hair Blowing in the Wind with a Loop

    Example 14 - Movement of Objects (Hair)
    Example 15 - Movement of Objects (Clothes)

12. Understanding Follow-through

  1. Understand Follow-through and Overlapping Principles
  2. Differences Due to Texture, Weight and Length

    Example 16 – Follow-through 1
    Example 17 – Follow-through 2
    Example 18 – Follow-through 3

13. Follow-through Practice

  1. Put a Hoodie on Your Running Animation
  2. Straight-Ahead Catch

14. Lead Animation

  1. Understand Which Part Moves First in Motion
  2. Movement Selection and Concentration

    Example 19 - Lead Animation

15. Smear

  1. Smear Animation
  2. Various Ways of Expression

    Example 20 - Smear 1
    Example 21 - Smear 2

16. Understanding Quadrupeds

  1. Differences in Walking between Quadrupeds and Humans
  2. Differences in Animal Movements According to the Flexibility of the Spine
  3. Understand Animal Shoulder and Pelvic Movements

    Example 22 – Quadrupedal Walking 1
    Example 23 – Quadrupedal Walking 2

17. Practice on Puppy Walking Animation

  1. Practice on Dog Walking
  2. Understand the Structure of a Dog’s Legs
  3. Understand the Movement of the Forefoot and Hindfoot According to Walking Speed

    Example 24 – Quadrupedal Walking 3

18. Camera

  1. Understand Animations with Camera Movement
  2. Correlation between Camera Movement and Character

    Example 25 - Scene Composition According to Camera Movement
SECTION 04. Review of the Entire Lecture

19. Action Hero (Short Animation Incorporating What You Learned)

  1. Short Animation of a City Hero Killing Monsters
  2. A Brief Introduction to How to Produce Animation
  3. Review and Analyze What You Have Learned

    Example 26 - Action Hero Scene

20. Action Hero Workflow

  1. See Action Hero’s Work Machine

    Example 26 - Action Hero Scene

with 2D Animator Jongha Yoon

background images
What are the prospects for 2D animation?

As the entertainment business such as games, movies, etc. continues to increase, the demand for 2D animation is also increasing. Some say that 2D will disappear in the future because of 3D animation, but many 2D animation artists are participating in 3D animation, and the sensibility that only 2D is able to produce is different from that of 3D, so it will continue to grow.

Who do you recommend this class to?

I recommend it for students majoring in animation, junior animators, and relevant artists. Because animation is, after all, an effort to mimic and represent the real-world movements, awkward or strange animations are easily recognized. In this lecture, I will help those who feel awkward about their own work, so that they can create natural and good animations with thorough intentions and calculations.

What are the main points in this class?

I focus on dealing with various characters, ranging from simple characters to detailed characters. In particular, in most animations, the main focus is a 'character'. However, just as the human anatomy details alone are vast in general drawings, there is so much to learn in character animation alone. Therefore, we focused on the characters, which became the core of the curriculum.

One final word to prospective students.

2D animation is definitely not an easy field. A robust drawing ability is required, and a sense of animation is also required. The need to learn calculations and laws of physics can be a burden at first for beginners. However, it is definitely a useful part, and the charm that only 2D animation has is different from that of other areas. 2D animation may be hard, but let us learn it together.

Required Programs

This course will use TVPaint 11.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*You could use TVPaint 10, Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe Animate, and CLIP STUDIO PAINT.
*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the course.


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