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Class Intro
Animation Director, Seoro Oh

"Create seamless and realistic animations
by developing a solid understanding
of motion and its dynamics."

Class Preview
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Chapter 2.
Becoming an "Animator"

1. The virtues of an animator: to observe and characterize
2. Observation point 1 – time(timing)
3. Observation point 2 – gravity and force
4. Observation point 3 – simplification

An all-in-one class covering
frame-by-frame animation,
including everything from theories
to animation techniques.
Award-winning Animation Director Seoro Oh
shares his insights, work process,
and helpful tips behind his original
and outstanding works.

It's more than just a simple software tutorial.
This class expands your creative toolbox
through a fundamental understanding
of movement and its application
to the animated form.

Experience Seoro's 2D-Frame
by Frame animation class at Coloso now
and start bringing your ideas to life.


Coloso Class Breakdown Details 1

Length: 20 videos
(17h 3m)
Difficulty: Intermediate
Unlimited views

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 2
Video Details

Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 3
Software Required

Adobe Animate CC 2019

* You may use other software with animation production features such as TVPaint, Toon Boom Harmony, CLIP STUDIO, Procreate, etc.

Coloso Class Breakdown Details 4

16 practice exercises
104 FLA files

Leading Animation Director
Seoroh Oh's Profile & Portfolio


Seoro Oh
Animation Director

Hello, I'm Animation Director Seoro Oh.

My short animated films Afternoon Class
and (OO) have been screened
and received awards
at many notable domestic
and international film festivals,
including SICAF, ANNECY.
In 2016, I won the Lotte Reiniger
Promotion Award as the first Korean director
ever at the Stuttgart Festival
of Animated Film - the world's largest
and most renowned animated film festival.
As the best award
that a young director could receive,
I was very honored to receive it.

I am currently working
as a freelance animation director.
thankfully, I have received recognition
from various fields and clients:
domestic and international animation studios,
organizations, film festivals, and companies.
I also share my work through social media,
including my Youtube channel,
which has over 470K subscribers worldwide.
I want to share everything I observed
and learned as an animation director in the field.

Background images
Coloso Seoro Oh
Animation Director,
Seoro Oh

[Work Experience]
Freelance Animation Director

Projects & Awards

2020 Kakao Animation Series Project - executive director/designer/producer
2020 TED-ed Animation(US), lesson "How do personality tests work?" - director/producer/designer
2020 Digicon 6 Asia(Animation Festival) hosted by Japan TBS, Relay animation "Around and around.." - Korean representative director/animator
2019 Tonko House(US, Japan) Animation Exhibition Seoul, - collaborative exhibition animation
2019 iPad painting app Procreate 5(Australia) promotion animation - director/producer
2019 Viborg Animation Festival
2019(Denmark) VAF Artist, film festival trailer, poster - director/producer/designer
2019 Gwanghwamun Ilmin Museum of Art Korea+Brazil Collaborative Art Exhibition "Dear Amazon: The Anthropocene" animation - director/producer/designer
2017 short animation "(OO)"
2015 short animation "Afternoon Class"

[Awards and Recognitions]
2018 Insomnia Festival, Russia, Competition, Grand Prize
2017 The 19th Bucheon International Animation Festival, Competition, YOO Kwang-sun Prize, AniB's Choice
2017 Seoul Independent Film Festival, Jury Award
2016 Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film - Lotte Reiniger Promotion Award for Animated Film
2016 HIROSHIMA - Stars of Students
2015 Animafest Zagreb - Jury’s Special Mention
2015 Annecy International Animated Film Festival - 2015 Student Competition Official Selection

YouTube channel OSRO(488K subscribers, lifetime views 446M)
SIGGRAPH ASIA TOKYO 2018 finals judge
Web Animation mentor for The 1st-3rd Creator Partnership Business hosted by Korea Creative Content Agency & Korean Independent Animation Filmmakers Association


16 Class Exercises

Part 01. Practice exercises

Seoro Oh Class exercises

Speed and Weight 1

Seoro Oh Class exercises

Speed and Weight 2

Seoro Oh Class exercises

Capturing the Properties of an Object

Seoro Oh Class exercises

Liquid vs. Gas

Seoro Oh Class exercises

Impact vs. Destruction

Seoro Oh Class exercises

Dealing with Characters

Seoro Oh Class exercises


Seoro Oh Class exercises

Morphing: Compounds

Seoro Oh Class exercises

Morphing: Natural Elements 1

Seoro Oh Class exercises

Morphing: Natural Elements 2

Seoro Oh Class exercises

Morphing: Characters

Seoro Oh Class exercises

Morphing: Robotic Transformation

Part 02. Practical examples

Seoro Oh Class exercises

Example 1: Morphing
Moving objects against their natural properties

Seoro Oh Class exercises

Example 2: Emotion Morphing
Changing the facial expressions of a character

Seoro Oh Class exercises

Example 3: Making Burger
Featuring a variety of objects to make it more complicated

Seoro Oh Class exercises

Example 4: Inspiration
Amorphous transformation without restraints


Class Highlights

Obtain mastery over Frame by Frame animation concepts

Learn the essentials of animation production
using the Frame by Frame technique - known as the original form of animation.

Coloso Seoro Oh Introduction

Understand and apply the rules of animation and analysis

Create natural-looking animations by learning to effectively express the characteristics of speed, weight, and object transformation.

Coloso Seoro Oh Introduction

Discover the much-beloved animation direction style of Seoro Oh

By examining the process behind Seoro Oh's ever-changing animation through non-edited samples, you can learn how to apply them to your own production process.

Coloso Seoro Oh Introduction

Class Details
You'll Learn

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In-Depth Look


01. Orientation

  1. Introducing the instructor and the class
  2. Why Frame-by-Frame animation?
  3. Introducing the software and lecture
  4. The Curriculum overview
SECTION 02. Getting started with 2D animation

02. Becoming an "Animator"

  1. The virtues of an animator: to observe and characterize
  2. Observation point 1 – time(timing)
  3. Observation point 2 – gravity and force
  4. Observation point 3 – simplification

03. The 12 principles of animation

  1. What are the 12 principles of animation?
  2. Understanding the 12 principles of animation
  3. Focusing on the principles of motion

04. Different types of "Frames"

  1. Understanding "Frames" in video content
  2. Full animation
  3. Limited animation
  4. Combining full and limited animation

05. Getting started with digital drawing

  1. Starting digital drawing with Adobe Animate
  2. Demonstrating the Pose-to-Pose animation process
  3. What is cel animation?
  4. Demonstrating the addition of extra movements
  5. Breakdown
  6. Overshoot
  7. Demonstrating frequently made mistakes in digital drawing (precautions) and how to fix them
  8. How to analyze examples
SECTION 03. Analyzing 2D animation

06. Speed and weight

  1. Expressing speed and weight
  2. Expressing speed (using "smear")
  3. Adding weight to motion

    + 11 sample files

07. Flexibility and stiffness

  1. Indicating flexibility and bounciness
  2. Indicating stiffness

    + 13 sample files

08. Animating liquid and gas

  1. Animating water
  2. Animating thick liquids
  3. Animating smoke and dust

    + 17 sample files

09. Animating hit impact effects and destruction

  1. Indicating destruction
  2. Indicating hit impact
  3. Animating the destruction and explosion of an object

    + 13 sample files

10. Dealing with characters

  1. Reviewing the 12 principles of animation through simple movements
  2. Understanding the use of timing and rhythm through its application in Pose-to-Pose animation
  3. Applying speed, weight, flexibility, and stiffness to a character

    + 6 sample files
SECTION 04. Morphing: basics

11. The first steps to morphing animations

  1. Morphing shapes in the same position
  2. Morphing shapes as they change positions
  3. Morphing from one object to another

    + 12 sample files

12. Morphing: mix

  1. Mixing 2 shapes
  2. Scrambling 2 objects

    + 6 sample files

13. Morphing: elements of nature

  1. Morphing shapes with fire
  2. Morphing shapes with lightning
  3. Morphing shapes with water

    + 16 sample files

14. Morphing: characters

  1. How do you morph characters?
  2. Morphing from living to non-living things
  3. Morphing from non-living to living things
  4. Morphing from living things to other living things

    + 6 sample files

15. Morphing: robot transformation

  1. What are robotic movements?
  2. Transforming a truck into a robot Simple & dynamic movements

    + 4 sample files
SECTION 05. 2D animation practical lesson

16. Introducing Adobe Animate CC

  1. Overview of Adobe Animate CC
  2. Drawing on Adobe Animate CC – fills and strokes
  3. Timeline and Keyframe
  4. Shape Tweening
  5. Symbol and Classic Tweening

17. Consecutive morphing

  1. Morphing an object into a series of things with different properties
  2. Ideation and planning in animation
  3. Using a thumbnail storyboard and animatic to test timing
  4. Design: key image
  5. From rough sketch to coloring
  6. Motion analysis

18. Changing emotions

  1. Animating consecutively changing emotions: happy, angry, sad, and surprised
  2. Mapping out an animation within a given theme and time
  3. Pre-production process (thumbnail, animatics, design)
  4. From rough sketch to coloring
  5. Motion analysis

19. Making a burger

  1. Creating animation using various (multiple) objects
  2. Pre-production (thumbnail, animatics, design)
  3. From rough sketch to coloring
  4. Keeping a set running time
  5. Motion analysis

20. Inspiration

  1. Creating animation with an abstract theme
  2. Pre-Production process (thumbnail, animatics, design)
  3. From rough sketch to coloring
  4. Motion analysis
  5. Outro

with Animation Director Seoro Oh

Background images
How does the future look like for 2D animation?

Globally, we're seeing an increased need and value for 2D animation in various industries: from commercials, music videos, and more. Especially since traditional animation techniques are no longer limited to 2D animation and have expanded into other fields, including 3D animation. Instead of learning 2D animation from a technical side, understanding and practicing the basics of traditional animation techniques is considerably more beneficial in becoming a better animation director.

What are your strengths
as an animation director?

My strength is in squash, versatility, smooth transitions, and a good sense of timing. As part of my process, I constantly research different ways to capture attention and entertain others with motions. To do so, you have to observe every motion around you, dissect it into frames, and recognize how each frame connects to another.

What are the primary take-away
from this class?

This class will include everything required to animate various motions using frame-by-frame animation techniques, from theories to personal tips. You will be able to animate anything using traditional animation after obtaining a basic understanding of motion (speed, weight, and more) and grasping standards for improving motion analysis.

Who should take this class?

For beginners in 2D animation, this class provides knowledge and insights into traditional animation. For those with basic knowledge who still struggle, this class serves as a way to develop observation and motion analysis skills. Overall, these carefully curated class exercises will help you discover what's missing from your animation and how to improve it.

Programs Required

The instructor will use: Adobe Animate CC 2019

* You may use other software with animation production features such as TVPaint, Toon Boom Harmony, CLIP STUDIO, Procreate, etc.
*Software and other materials are not provided as a part of the class.



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