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The 100-Chapter Guide for Utilizing Blender's Shader and Geometry Nodes

3D Artist, anna

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3D Artist, anna_안나 Details

블렌더 안나 100강

Class Intro

3D Artist, anna

The World's First Node-Focused Blender Curriculum That Teaches Key Techniques Difficult to Learn Anywhere
Stunning 3D visuals that will not only inspire admiration but give you chills! What if you could create easily with automated data without complex key work?

anna, a YouTuber receiving worldwide acclaim for his unparalleled use of nodes, will teach you everything from the basic principles to advanced techniques of nodes over 100 chapters.
An opportunity to bring the scenes in your imagination to life with 50 exercises covering all of the main functions of shader and geometry nodes. Take on the production of an entire animation and master all the latest features, like the hair system and simulation nodes!

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Who Should Take This Class?

Current 3D artists who want to learn Blender's node system systematically.

Beginners and intermediate Blender users who want to design efficient workflows for 3D work.

Intermediate and advanced Blender users who want to create advanced animations with ease.

Expert 3D Artist anna's Portfolio

블렌더 100강 안나 포트폴리오

Default Cube Render Challenge

블렌더 100강 안나 포트폴리오

Moving Meditation challenge

블렌더 100강 안나 포트폴리오


 블렌더 100강 딕셔너리

A Course That Will Break Down Barriers and Demystify Nodes.

Have you given up on learning the node system because all you could find were fragmented tutorials?

This class focuses only on the core elements among hundreds of nodes, making it easy to understand even for those who don’t like math.
Take advantage of this comprehensive curriculum, which includes everything from the seemingly trivial but necessary to various tips that can be immediately applied in practice!

50 Class Exercises

Part 1. Shader Nodes

Basic Shader Nodes

Creating Material Through Images

Procedural Textures

Special Materials

Part 2. Geometry Nodes

Basic Geometry Nodes

Intermediate Geometry Nodes

Advanced Geometry Nodes

Simulation Nodes

Part 3. Animation Production Node Project

Final Animation - Enchanted Ruins

Stumbling among ruins, two robots trip over a button on the floor. The magical device that has awakened then spirals out of control.

*The above productions are actual class exercises that you will create in this class.


Class Highlights

An Introduction to Blender's Node System Adding a New Dimension to Your Creations

Approach Blender’s shader and geometry nodes structurally, implementing 3D modeling and texture expressions in a more sophisticated and efficient manner that is impossible with traditional key operations.

콜로소 이무송 강의 소개

Understanding Shader and Geometry Nodes Based on Principles

Expand how you think about the fundamental principles of connecting nodes and how we can complete a node tree using specific ideas to equip you with applicable skills.

콜로소 이무송 강의 소개

High-Quality 3D Animation Production Incorporating All Node Techniques

Plan a video production that highlights advanced techniques, character modeling, background texturing, lighting, VFX, and more! Develop your practical senses by covering detailed elements in depth to determine if a work is complete.

콜로소 이무송 강의 소개

The Complete Encyclopedia on Blender's Shader and Geometry Nodes

블렌더 100강 사전 로드맵

3D Artist

Hello, I'm 3D artist anna. Although I majored in mathematics, my continued interest in video graphics has led me to specialize in Blender's texturing, shading, compositing, and geometry nodes on YouTube.

Among them, shader and geometry nodes are essential functions for implementing high-quality videos.

Through this class, which systematically organizes my rich mathematical knowledge and the expertise I have accumulated over the years from my self-study of Blender, I hope you can add new dimensions to your work.

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3D Artist,  anna
3D Artist, anna

anna's 3 Minute Blender Tips on YouTube

Projects & Awards

Blender Community Challenge - Default Cube Render Challenge 2nd Place
3D Community Challenge - Moving Meditation Challenge 5th Place


Class Details
You'll Learn

Step 1. Shader Nodes

Step 2. Geometry Nodes

Step 3. Node Project: Animation

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In-Depth Look

1st Launch(Ch. 1 ~ Ch. 20) : 12/28/2023 18:00 (UTC-7)
2nd Launch(Ch. 21 ~ Ch. 100) : 1/30/2024 18:00 (UTC-7)

Part 1. Class Introduction
Part 2. Shader Nodes
Part 03. Geometry Nodes
Part 04. Creating Animations Using Nodes

Interview with
3D Artist, anna

배경 이미지
What is the purpose or key takeaway of this class?

I wanted to create content that serves as a reference for the difficult, overwhelming Blender nodes that can make knowing where to start challenging. From the most basic principles of texture coordinates to the latest features like simulation nodes, I will cover everything about shader nodes and geometry nodes across 100 chapters.

What are the common difficulties people face when learning the Blender node system?

Shader nodes have developed over a long time, with integrated or replaced nodes mixed in. Geometry nodes require organically connecting what's needed from over 200 nodes.In this class, I aim to systematically integrate information on frequently used nodes and explain them in detail according to current situations.

What are this guide’s unique points?

Node trees are created by connecting multiple nodes. It's easy to find explanations for individual nodes, but learning how to connect them to achieve what you want to create can often be challenging. This class is designed not just for following node connections but to help you understand why they are connected in a certain way and how you can complete the node tree with specific ideas.

What do you think students will gain from this class?

Blender's node system is a tool with infinite possibilities. You can increase productivity by automating frequently used functions, and thanks to the non-destructive nature of the node system, you can easily edit objects even after they are created. However, the most crucial aspect is the ability to surpass the barrier of expression. I hope that through this class, things that were previously thought impossible become possible.

Required Programs

This course will use Blender 3.5 and 3.6.
Please purchase and install these program(s) for an optimized lecture experience.

*These programs and/or materials will not be provided with the course.


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