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VIP 쿠폰 안내 페이지 리뉴얼 Details

콜로소 VIP 혜택

We have something special for Coloso fans!

Introducing the VIP Coupon

Introducing coupon

VIP Ranks & Benefits

콜로소 VIP 쿠폰
콜로소 VIP 쿠폰
콜로소 VIP 쿠폰

How to Use Your
VIP Coupon

클래스 배너

[Event Schedule and Notices]
-This event may be changed or terminated without prior notice depending on the company’s circumstances.
-Refunded classes do not count toward VIP status.

[How do refunds work?]
If you would like to request a refund because a Class did not meet your expectations, please contact us for the refund ( Also, for more detailed information, please review our Refund Policy.

[VIP Coupon Notices]
-This event coupon can only be used for purchases over $100.
-This event coupon can only be used 5 days from the issued date.
-This event coupon is not applicable to some classes.
▶Check out classes you can’t use your coupons on


For any other questions about VIP Coupons, please contact