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[Class Bundle Promotion Schedule and Precautions]
- You may only purchase class bundles during the promotion period (September 21th - October 5th, 2022)
- Class Bundles cannot be used with a coupon
- Exisiting members may not purchase the class bundle after canceling the previously purchased class and repurchasing the same class
- This promotion may be changed or terminated without prior notice depending on our circumstances
- For other inquiries, please contact at
- The refund policy for promotional products is in accordance with the Coloso refund policy

[Other Precautions]
- If a member interferes with the work of the 'site' by the following acts, the 'company' may restrict and suspend memberships
① here the "company" interferes with the business of the "company" by purchasing "goods, etc." through the "site" and repeatedly canceling or returning them without justifiable reason;
② Where the "company" interferes with the business of the "company" by habitual cancellation, full or partial return after some use, even though the "product, etc." purchased through the "site" does not have any special defects;

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